Trio earn Seahawks' praise

  • Mark Noble, Andy Carroll and Aaron Cresswell tried their hands at American football
  • Seattle Seahawks equipment assistant Ryan McLean coaches the Hammers trio
  • Players praised for their athleticism and ability to pick up their new sport quickly
West Ham United trio Mark Noble, Andy Carroll and Aaron Cresswell have been tipped for futures in the NFL by their new American football coach!

Seattle Seahawks equipment assistant Ryan McLean was commandeered by the three Premier League stars to teach them the basics of the game during the Hammers’ stay at VMAC.

And McLean should know what he is talking about, seeing as he is the man lucky enough to warm-up Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson in pre-match practice sessions.

The Seattle native threw and caught passes with the Hammers trio, teaching them how to throw a perfect spiral and secure the ball safely before giving them tips on how to kick an accurate field goal.

The West Ham players, who also enjoyed meeting a number of the Seahawks’ squad at their spectacular training complex, picked up the basics of their new sport quickly.
I’m extremely impressed by how fast they picked it up and started to throw
“I’m extremely impressed by how fast they picked it up and started to throw,” McLean told West Ham TV.

“At first, they couldn’t even get the spiral going, but now they’re throwing it 30 or 40 yards with the spiral and it looks good.

“I was impressed with their hands, especially Mark, whose hands were great with some of those catches. He really looks like a [New England Patriots wide receiver and Super Bowl winner] Julian Edelman to me – somebody who could run those short routes and make those catches. There could be a place in the NFL for someone like him!

“Andy has got a good arm and can put it right where it needed to go. Aaron had the best technique on the kicking, definitely, as it’s definitely different than kicking a soccer ball. I was certainly impressed with their athleticism.”
Lifelong Seahawks fan McLean is living the dream by working for the club he loves, preparing the field for practice sessions and throwing footballs with three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Wilson.

“I set up the practises and warm-up the quarterbacks when they come out beforehand and get things ready for them and the wide receivers,” he explained. “Then, in practice I help out wherever I can.

“It’s a dream come true for me, to be honest. I’ve always been a Seahawks fan and this opportunity was unexpected, but one I’ve embraced.

“The equipment department at the Seahawks is pretty phenomenal and there aren’t many others like it. We have 53 players throughout the season, plus ten practice squad guys, then all the staff, so we have around 100 people to arrange equipment for every day!”

McLean can now add throwing and kicking footballs with three Premier League stars to his already impressive CV!