Former Player Memories

Former Hammers favourite Christian Dailly looks back on his time playing in Claret and Blue
Former Hammers defender Christian Dailly made 191 appearances in Claret and Blue over seven seasons for the Club, becoming a fans’ favourite in the process. He spoke to West Ham TV about playing every minute of the 2001/02 campaign and that goal against Ipswich in the 2004 play-off semi-final…
To be honest, every time I played a game [at the Boleyn Ground], it was a privilege and a pleasure, when I think back. The Ipswich game is probably the loudest night I’ve ever experienced in football and a few other people also said that to me.
Other than that match, there were so many other great times as well. When I look back, the whole thing was just a brilliant experience.
The Ipswich goal was a painful memory, though! I’ve looked back at it now and again, and it was obviously worth it. The only thing was, I wish I could have celebrated it a bit, that was the only thing, but I just couldn’t! But still, they were great memories.
I think all the games in general were always great. Some of the great players you’re playing against, and the great teams, mean there are fantastic memories. The year we finished seventh in the Premier League, playing every game, we had a fantastic home record, and hardly conceded a goal. It was just a brilliant season.
We a very unusual number of big characters at one Club too, but the Club seemed to attract that type. It was great to be part of that and one of them.
It’s brilliant to see the team doing so well now. I obviously keep a close eye on the Hammers’ results, and it’s exciting. I think the crowd obviously always want everyone to give their all for the Club, but you also want teams to be exciting.
At times [in football] it has been a bit too boring. I understand it’s a results-based business, but I don’t personally like that. There’s a demand on clubs like West Ham to have an exciting blend. You want to win the games but you want to have the right types.
There are a few teams this year who have the right types in there that allow other players to play. It’s made it exciting to watch and West Ham have been really exciting to watch this year.