Farewell Boleyn - From the Terraces

Ron Rogers has been following the Hammers since the 1960's and looks back at some magical memories

Ron Rogers is a lifelong West Ham United fan and has been following the Hammers since the 1960's.

Ron looks back at some magical memories from his time attending the Boleyn Ground.

My love affair with the Hammers started back in the 1960's and having been present at all three magnificent 'West Ham Wembley Finals' (FA Cup v Preston, Euro Cup Winners Cup Final v Munich 1860 and the Hammers glorious 66 win' v West Germany), I have so many wonderful memories.

My dad owned the newsagents (where our family lived above and behind), that existed in those days directly opposite the old Maycock's laundry in Green Street - the clock above the old laundry site still exists.

Dad had season tickets and was friends with several players. We would wander down to Bobby Moore's shop for my kit where the great Mooro once told me to put my brand new boots on my feet in hot water when I got home to mould them to my feet (like so many fans, I idolised Bobby).

I could go on for ages about my memories including the wild celebrations up and down Green Street in 1964, of the semi final against Manchester United when Geoff Hurst raced clear in thick mud and pouring rain to hammer home the decisive goal to take us to Wembley, following ticker Boyce’s double and United’s fight back.

Dad's car broke down near the semi final ground on leaving and about 20 Hammers supporters saw our colours hanging from the windows and helped us push the car to a garage about two miles down the road, singing bubbles all the way!

The 20 Hammers fans grew to about 40 in the process and, drenched through, we all continued singing on the train all the way back to London – the car could wait for another day)!

There were so many other wonderful memories. Geoff’s decisive goal in the 64' semi-final stands out as does ticker’s header to win the cup at Wembley (years later I played against Peter Brabrook in a fund raiser for Basildon Utd F.C. and, after making fools of us in the game with his incredible ball skills, he told me in the clubhouse that he was aiming his cross towards Johnny Byrne!

Knowing his wicked sense of humour, maybe he was kidding, maybe he wasn’t – it didn’t matter as he had helped make Hammers history. Who would have guessed then what was to follow in 65' and 66' !!).

So many memories and we will always love the Boleyn Ground.