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Adrian dedicates his fifth Premier League penalty save to his baby son Enzo
West Ham United goalkeeper Adrian dedicates his fifth Premier League penalty save to his baby son Enzo...
Hello everyone,

I was so happy to save my first penalty for my son Enzo against Watford on Wednesday night!

It was his first game and I give this penalty to him because it’s the first penalty I’ve saved since he was born, but he probably didn’t see anything because he was sleeping!

He is so calm – unlike me! He sleeps well at night, for five hours at a time, and is a good little guy. I’ll tell him about the save when he’s grown up!

It’s another one for my count and it’s always nice when you save a penalty. I think it was my fifth penalty save in the Premier League and I’m happy for this.

On the other hand I am not happy to not keep a clean sheet, even if it was a great finish for them.

The three points were the most important thing. We played really well from the start, we pushed them, pressed them and had great chances. I think it was a great game for us and a massive three points after some draws.

We needed a win and I think we’re in a great position in the table with four games to go.
I have confidence in Mark when we get a penalty. Some people in the crowd were singing ‘Adrian, Adrian!’ for the second one, but I stayed in goal! Mark is a great penalty-taker and he showed that again on Wednesday night.

I don’t know how I make it hard for penalty-takers. You have to ask them! I just keep fighting and try to win the duel against them. This time, I was lucky to save this penalty with my elbow.

As I said, after the tough run of draws during which we deserved more points, it was important that we got a win at home.

It’s a massive three points for us with two games left at Upton Park and we will fight until the end.
Manchester United won and Liverpool won, so I don’t know how many points we need to get to finish in the top six, but we’ll try to win all the games.

Sometimes you can win, sometimes you can draw or lose but I think we’re showing great form from the start of the season. This season is massive for the Club and also for us and we’re going to try to stay in a high position.

We have time off now and we need to rest also as goalkeepers! Of course, we were thinking we’d still be in the FA Cup but we were unlucky to go out now.

We need to relax in these days off with our families and enjoy them and then come back on Saturday with 150 per cent of our battery for the last four games.

Come on you Irons!