DT38 team up with Spire Roding Hospital

Supporters can benefit from free testicular cancer screening at the Boleyn Ground on Saturday
Spire Roding Hospital – West Ham United’s Official Private Hospital – have teamed up with DT38 Foundation to offer free testicular cancer screening to any male supporter and the local community at Saturday’s fixture with Crystal Palace.  

In addition to offering free testicular cancer screening with Consultant Urologist Mr John Peters and Consultant Radiologist Dr Sandeep Pathak, Spire Roding Hospital will also be handing out information leaflets from Cancer UK and the DT38 Foundation to fans and raising money to support the charity’s work.  

Jo Dean, Hospital Director at Spire Roding Hospital, said: “The team at Spire Roding Hospital are honoured to be teaming up with the DT38 Foundation one year on from its launch.

“The Tombides family are a true inspiration and I am sure their dedication to raise awareness of testicular cancer will ultimately lead to saving someone’s life.

“We look forward to welcoming fans and the local community to have a free testicular screen in a comfortable, private facility with an all-male team.”

The screening service is in support of the DT38 Foundation; raising awareness of testicular cancer in young men.

DT38 was set up by Tracy Tombides, mother of centre forward Dylan Tombides, who tragically passed away in 2014, three years after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Mr Peters was part of the team caring for Dylan during his illness. He said: “It’s a fact of life that men sometimes neglect their health and don’t seek help when perhaps they should.

“The thought that maybe if you ignore something for long enough it will go away unfortunately tends to hold sway in these situations.

“Testicular cancer is relatively uncommon but tends to affect men in their twenties or thirties. Modern treatments mean that over 95% of men with testicular cancer will be cured but the crucial issue is that the earlier it is diagnosed the better the outcome.

“If you have any concerns or have noticed a lump or change in your testicle please make an appointment to see your Doctor and get yourself checked out – don’t ignore it.”

Spire Roding Hospital, the Official Private Hospital to West Ham United FC, is part of Spire Healthcare, which is a leading independent hospital group in the United Kingdom, with 38 hospitals and 13 clinics across England, Wales and Scotland, treating insured, self-pay and NHS patients.

Spire Roding Hospital is proud to have a team of more than 300 renowned and experienced consultants, highly trained nursing staff, consultant radiologists, and a superb on-site diagnostic suite, complete with CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound scanning facilities.

Supporters interested in learning more about Spire Roding Hospital can visit their website at spirehealthcare.com.