Behind the Scenes - Meet the Kit Man

West Ham TV was given exclusive access into the dressing room on a recent Europa League trip to Romania.

Fans might be wondering what goes on when the players arrive for a big match.

The process begins hours before the team even enter the stadium and for the kit men, it involves hours of intense preparation.

From the number of boots to the amount of shirts that every player needs, the backroom staff are kept extremely busy making sure every player is catered for.

West Ham TV caught up with assistant first-team kit manager James Saban who says the main priority is to ensure every player is happy when they leave the dressing room before a big game.

Saban said: “The process of packing the kit begins way back at Chadwell Heath when we have a squad and a kit selection colour that we use.

“We check the bag three or four times to make sure everything is there and that the players will be happy when they arrive.

“All the players will have two shirts and we carry spares with us. Each player will have different kind of boots. Some will change at half-time because they like the freshness of a new boot.

“There is a lot of communication between the coaching staff and the players. It is interesting being in the dressing room before a big game. We get there early to lay out the kit and hopefully they are always happy!”

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