Rise of the Krays out on DVD and Blu-ray now

Rise of the Krays – a new film portraying the early years of the most notorious of East End gangs is available on DVD and Blu-ray now!

Already proving a huge hit as a digital download, the DVD and Blu-ray is now on sale from all major retailers.

It has been the second best selling DVD in the UK this week and for ten days has been between two and four on iTunes.

One national Newspaper has described it as the Best British Gangster movie ever made !

The first of two films charting the rise and fall of the Kray brothers, Rise of the Krays pulls no punches in its bid to depict the reign of terror which would define London’s East End for years to come.

Starring former EastEnders actress Nicola Stapleton as Violet Kray and Kevin Leslie and Simon Cotton as Reggie and Ronnie, the film is available to digitally download now and is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

The film has been financed by Hammers Joint-Chairman David Sullivan, who explains this version of the Krays’ story seeks not to glamorise the violence for which they were famous.

Mr Sullivan said: “It’s a story about the rise of the Krays and it pulls no punches. It shows them as they really were and has been described as 'the best British Gangster movie of all time'.”

‎Rise of the Krays is rated 18. Download it on iTunes here and Amazon here.