View on the Opposition – Tottenham Hotspur

BBC London's Vicki-Jane Edwards lifts the lid on Sunday's opponents Tottenham Hotspur
BBC London’s Vicki-Jane Edwards lifts the lid on Sunday’s opponents Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham are eleven games unbeaten in the League, there must be a good atmosphere around White Hart Lane?

“It’s been a good start to the season for Spurs but I don’t think the fans are getting too carried away just yet. They’ve been unlucky not to win a number of games this season and instead have come away with a draw that could cost them dearly if they are fighting for that Champions League place come May.

“Having said that they do look threatening going forward and now Harry Kane is back scoring goals there seems to be no stopping him which is thoroughly pleasing the fans.”

Which players have stood out for you so far this season?

“It has to be Dele Alli at the moment. Coming from MK Dons and only 19, there was a bit of uncertainty about how he’ll get on at first but he’s thrown himself straight into it. He’s shown a lot of confidence and as well as threatening the opposition. That has been backed up by getting called up by the England squad.

“His performance on Tuesday against France shows how much of an exciting prospect he is for English football. He’s soon become a favourite of the fans and his partnership with Son in the midfield has been something that has naturally fallen into place.”
What is Mauricio Pochettino’s standing with the fans like?

“Mauricio Pochettino has been impressive this season, he had a quite a tough job last season balancing the squad with the amount of fixtures they had. But this season he’s displayed passion on the touchline which fans always want to see and it looks as though he’s dedicated to bring through young, English players.

“Thankfully that really seems to be working for him. He’s focussed on playing attacking football and he stuck by Kane- a move which has really pulled off in recent matches.”

Is there are a particular Tottenham v West Ham United derby that stands out for you?

“Tottenham winning 4-3 in injury time against West Ham in 2007 was a memorable game. Spurs coming back from being 3-2 down with a couple of minutes left to play was just unbelievable.”

What have you made of West Ham this season?

“We’ve covered every West Ham game this season on BBC Radio London and I have to say they have been one of the most exciting teams in the Premier League– you never know what is going to happen.

“Their win over Chelsea has to be one of the stand-out matches so far. It’s such a shame that Dimitri Payet is out injured because he’s really added another dimension to the West Ham team, making chances out of nowhere with style and creativity.”

What is your prediction for the score of Sunday?

“One of the hardest matches to call because both sides have struggled holding onto a lead this season but I think it will end up 2-1 Tottenham. I think West Ham will struggle without Payet dominating play and I think the Spurs’ England boys will be fired up after Tuesday to get a win at White Hart Lane.”