EXCLUSIVE: Payet - the support has been fantastic

Dimitri Payet has nothing but praise for the way his team-mates, the medical staff and all the fans have helped him overcome his injury disappointment and has vowed to come back even stronger.

Payet was forced to leave the field during the 1-1 draw with Everton with an ankle injury and after consultations with a specialist, the scans showed he would be ruled out of action for three months.

The France star received positive news this week that he would not need surgery to clear up the problem, but he still faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

Payet made an emotional return to the Club's training ground on Tuesday and West Ham TV caught an exclusive interview with the talented midfielder on how his recovery is going and the support he is receiving from everyone at the Club.

Payet said: “It has been a week since I sustained the injury. I am doing well. I am surrounded by very good people which has allowed me to recover and I am keeping my head high. It is a long period but I am looking forward to making a return to action.

“Of course it is a big relief for me that I will not need an operation. I speak from experience and having had a couple of operations it is not an easy thing to cope with. It is good news on that front but it doesn't change the time that it will take me to recover.

“I am taking the news as well as I can. There are more serious things that happen in life and injuries happen in that situation. You have to put things in perspective and the most important thing is for me to get back playing as quickly as I can.

“The support has been fantastic from my team-mates, everyone at the Club and from the supporters. It is during these times that you can really feel loved. That is very important and I want to get back playing as quickly as I can and perform to the way I have been doing so far this season. It has been a dream for me.

“It has been a big help to me with the support from the fans. It has been incredible the support they have shown towards me and not just at home, but when we play away as well. You can really feel the fans support and I really hope it will become even greater as time goes on.

“The medical team here is excellent and they are doing everything they can to help me. We have regular meetings every day where I get updates and that is a big boost for me in the recovery process and getting back as quickly as I can.”

It has been a turbulent few days for Payet who made a return to France last week and was in Paris when the attacks were taking place on Friday night.

The 28-year-old is pleased that the England game against France was allowed to take place at Wembley and hopes that sport can help bring everyone together.

Payet added: “It is a very difficult time. I was in Paris over the weekend and I was very close to everything that happened.

“The support that sport can provide in this case and with many important sporting figures showing their support has helped for the game to take place.

“I have seen photos of Wembley in red, white and blue which is very special. Aside from the match itself, it is going to be a very emotional evening.”