First and Last - Andy Carroll

We’ve asked our players for some memorable firsts and lasts from their careers! Andy Carroll goes under the spotlight…
As West Ham United continue the final season at the Boleyn Ground, we’ve asked our players for some memorable lasts from their careers and lives, as well as some firsts. Today, Andy Carroll goes under the spotlight…


Who was your first football hero?
Alan Shearer. As a Newcastle United fan, that was standard!

What is the first rule in football you would change, if you were given the opportunity?
I don’t know, to be honest. What rule would I change? I don’t think I would change anything about the game, to be honest. I would allow a lot more challenges to ‘go’, though, because it’s become a bit of a joke how many fouls I give away that I don’t think are free-kicks!

Who would be the first player voted out if West Ham United took part in X Factor?
Ginge thinks he is a singer and at our Christmas party I got a video of him singing in the lift, which I wish I could share with everybody. Every time I play it in the dressing room, he cringes and he wants to get hold of my phone and delete it! He tried playing the guitar a bit on the coach last season too, but that died out quickly when he realised he wasn’t very good!

What was the first nickname you were given in football?
Shay Given called me ‘horse’, but I can’t think why…! I still get it now from the lads. It seems to have just stuck.

What was the last meal you cooked?
I made some sesame seed tuna with breadcrumbs, which was nice. I had to write down the recipe for Joey O’Brien and tell him how I made it.

What was the last app you downloaded onto your phone?
Harvey Nichols. I got told by the woman in Harvey Nichols to download their App and have a look at the stuff on there, so I did!

Who was the last film you went to see at the cinema?
Legend, which is Tom Harvey movie about the Kray twins. I went to see it in Canary Wharf with my missus. It was good.

When was the last time you laughed on the pitch and why?
In a match? I kind of laugh all the time on the pitch, to be honest. I was certainly laughing when I came on and scored against Chelsea a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nightmare when you’re not playing, so I do try to enjoy it out there on the pitch.

Who was the last player you swapped shirts with?
It was last season – Martin Skrtel of Liverpool. I think the kit man lost it, though! My favourite shirt that I swapped is Didier Drogba. He was another centre forward I really looked up to, he was an unbelievable player.

Who is the last player you would take fashion advice from?
Joey O’Brien! He is the worst-dressed player at the club. I bought a coat a couple of years ago and he asked me where I got it from, then he copied me and bought the same one a couple of weeks ago!