Scudamore - West Ham United are leading the way

Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore believes the power of the West Ham United badge makes them one of the best in the country when it comes to their work with the local community.

The Premier League help fund 161 Clubs throughout the leagues going right down to the Conference.

But Scudamore is adamant that the Hammers are one of the best Clubs in the country for creating the best schemes for youngsters and has nothing but praise for the work that the West Ham United Foundation have done over the last 25-years.

Scudamore, speaking in his speech at the Houses of Parliament, said: “Some of their schemes are leading the way among the 161 clubs.

“That's the power of football, it's the power of the West Ham badge. It's the power of the Foundation, it's the power of those schemes.

“It does go on like this across the whole country and there a lot of other clubs doing the same, but I don't think there's any single club I could name that does it to the depth and to the breadth and with the real commitment that West Ham do it. I commend it to you.

“The work they do with schools – 35 of which are being touched by West Ham's foundation and 3000 people in a year are being touched by one club. It is about changing people's lives.”

West Ham TV spoke exclusively with Scudamore at the Foundation anniversary this week at the Houses of Parliament and had nothing but praise for the amazing job they are doing with the local community.

Scudamore added: “We fund 161 clubs but you always feel with the central money that comes West Ham's way, they leverage it more and make the most of it.

“These are not simple schemes but because West Ham means so much to them and engages them, it makes such a difference to their lives.

“It is about all ages, both men and women in equal numbers and it crosses all social divides. It will expand when they move to the new Stadium and more people in London are positively impacted by the work.

“I think they will achieve even more than what they have achieved already. What they have achieved already is remarkable and commendable.”