Chadwell Chatter

Midfield maestro Alex Song blogs for as he prepares for the final game of his loan spell with West Ham United
Hello everyone,

I am looking forward to finishing the season well at Newcastle United on Sunday afternoon.

I think it’s not easy to play this kind of game because we know Newcastle are in a bad position and need points to stay in the Premier League. Also, we are not in a good situation because we didn’t win for a long time away from home.

I’m sorry for what has happened to Newcastle but we want to win. We are professional players and we have to do the job, so we will go into the game and try to get the result.

We definitely need to produce a performance, because it is a long time since we did this. In the first few months of the season, we played very well, and we need to play the same way and finish the season well and make the fans happy. The fans deserve more because we didn’t follow the way we wanted to follow, so we need to finish well.

I don’t know what has happened to Newcastle, because when I look at their squad I see a lot of good players. I don’t know what’s wrong. They need something, because they are not in a good position for their fans or for their club.

Newcastle is a very big club in England with a very big history. I know a lot of Cameroon players who have played there and they are always talking about the club and how they were doing. Today, they are in trouble.

Hopefully for them, they will come out of this situation, but at this moment it is not good for them because they are playing against us. We are safe, but we are not in a good situation, so we need to finish well.

At the start of the season, we reached a high level and the people deserve more because we have not done what we wanted to do, so we have to finish well. That is what I am saying.

I am very happy with the way things have gone at West Ham, especially with the fans, because of the way they have always welcomed me. I will never forget that, and that’s why I will do my best in this game and finish well and then say ‘Goodbye’ to everyone.

You never know what might happen, but it has been a pleasure for me to be here and wear this shirt. I will always have a part of my heart in West Ham because I have enjoyed my time here a lot, with the way the fans have been behind me.

I am sorry because we maybe didn’t do what they expected of us this season. We started playing so well that they wanted more. I always said it would be difficult because we don’t have a big squad, so I know from my time at Arsenal and Barcelona that, when you want to win, the squad has to have 25 players.

If you have this and two or three players are injured, you can replace with the same quality. I am not saying we don’t have quality, but when you want to look to finish in the top four, you have to have a very big squad and very good quality of players.

In West Ham we have very good players, but we don’t have the squad to fight for this with the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea or the Manchester clubs. That’s why we have dropped many points.

When you are not playing every game like we did with high intensity at the top level, it’s not easy to reach 100 per cent in every single game. Hopefully West Ham will manage to do even better next season. I will always look here to see how West Ham are doing.

Thank you for everything this season,