Cole hopes for final flourish

Carlton Cole is aiming for three points to close the season with at Newcastle United

Carlton Cole says he would love to extend his nine-year stay with West Ham United beyond the summer, but admits that might be beyond his control.

Whether Saturday’s game against Everton proves to be his final run out at the Boleyn Ground in claret and blue or not, the 31-year-old is proud of the impact he has made during his time at the Club.

With Sunday’s season closer at Newcastle United to come, Cole is determined to help the Hammers end the campaign with a bang.

He said: “I haven’t been playing regularly, so I just tried to feel my way around the pitch on Saturday. I thought I did well against their two centre backs and I just needed a few knockdowns to help out the midfielders.

 “I’ve been through this emotion before, so I don’t know what to think at the moment, whether I’m going or staying. I’m just taking it as it comes at the moment because you never know what’s coming in football.

“Of course I’d like to stay, but this is how things go in football. If I don’t, I don’t, If I do and I’m still here, I’ll be performing to the best of my ability."

I’ve got a connection with the fans, a connection with the backroom staff and everything

“I’ve got a lot of emotions about this club. I’ve been here for quite a while and am vastly experienced here. I’ve got a connection with the fans, a connection with the backroom staff and everything.

“You could say I’m part of the furniture, but if I’m not here next year I’ll wish West Ham good luck and I’ll have to carry on with my life.”

There is the possibility that the Hammers could qualify for the UEFA Europa League too – something that Cole would love to be a part of.

He added: “Of course it would be nice if I could play in Europe with the Club next year. West Ham deserve to be in Europe, it’s a good outfit here especially as we’ll be moving into the bigger Stadium as well.

“I’m not sure what the fair play league is saying, but it looks like we’ll be up there to go into that. You never know with what’s going on so we’ll wait and see where it takes us.”