Chadwell Chatter

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping well. With the international break, I got the chance to visit the new Stadium, with Winston Reid and Diafra Sakho.

You should have seen Diaf’s face as we were walking round, he couldn’t believe it, he was like a kid in a sweetshop! I’ve heard he likes his carpentry and he was very interested in the construction and the planning behind the project. He looked pretty good in a hard hat and yellow high-vis jackets!  

I’ve been lucky enough to visit at every stage of the redevelopment and every time I go there, it looks more and more like a football stadium. I guess with little over a year until we move, it has to! 

Since I last visited, the floodlights have been going up and the roof is coming along, you can get a good idea of what it’s going to look like when it’s finished.

The roof is going to be quite low so that will add to the atmosphere, you can imagine that when fifty odd thousand West Ham fans are inside, it’s going to be special.

The new stadium coming round the corner was a massive factor for me when I was signing my new contract. I’ve been at the club for so long and I wouldn’t want to miss a massive part of history for the club.

I believe 100% that it will up there with some of the best stadiums I’ve played in. There’s been no cutting corners, it’s been done properly. Places like the Emirates and the Etihad are brilliant arenas to play football in, I think this will be up there with them.

I know what West Ham fans are like, they’re some of the best fans around but they can also be unforgiving. With 50,000 plus fans you’re going to have to have a strong backbone to play there. I’m used to that atmosphere, I thrive off it and I can’t wait to get my boots on for the first time.

After last Saturday’s win over Sunderland, we’re on the up again. I’ve said over the last two months that we deserved to win more games than we have. We should have beaten Tottenham and we could’ve beaten Chelsea.

The win on Saturday was one of the biggest wins we’ve had this season for sure. Sunderland, with a new manager had new hope and away from home they don’t have so much pressure on them. It was obviously nice that Diafra popped up in the 88th minute to get the winner and we need to make sure we take this momentum into our next game against Leicester City.

We know with them fighting for survival it won’t be an easy game, and we’ll need to be at our best if we want to get three points.

See you soon!