Chadwell Chatter

Cheikhou Kouyate wants West Ham United to emulate old club Anderlecht at Arsenal on Saturday

I am ready and fresh after our training camp. Dubai is a nice place to visit and it was my second time there. I visited with Anderlecht previously and now I have been there with West Ham. We did some work and now I’m ready for the game at Arsenal.

When I was with Anderlecht we used to have a winter break and it meant I could go home to Senegal for five or six days and that was very good for the mentality and lifting the pressure. I liked to have a winter break and it was a very good experience for me.

Thank you very much to all the supporters who voted for me to win the Goal of the Month and Player of the Month awards. I’m happy to win these awards, but I’m not happy for the results. I like to win these awards, but the whole team needs to work towards the next game and to winning the points.

We have played well and everyone has given the maximum for the team, but to concede twice in the last minute is so bad. We just need to keep concentrating in the last minute.
I have never played at the Emirates stadium before, but I know I will play my game and try to enjoy it. I want to help the team and battle for the points.

Arsenal is a very big team, but West Ham need the points. It’s a very good game and London derby, which I like. I’ll go to Arsenal to do battle.

I went to the Emirates to support Anderlecht in the UEFA Champions League earlier this season and they did very well and drew three-all.

I was very happy because Anderlecht is my second family. Arsenal went 3-0 up and I was thinking ‘What is this game?’ but in the second half Anderlecht came with a new mentality.

It went to 3-1, then 3-2 and then 3-3 – it was unbelievable! I am very happy for Anderlecht, but now West Ham go to Arsenal and it would be fantastic if we could do the same.

We want to get a draw or even a win. I hope we can surprise them!