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Dare to Dream...

West Ham’s connections with Real Madrid may not be immediately obvious. Who can remember that, in 1967, we went to Houston to take on the “whites” at the Astrodome, in the world's first indoor football match? And, in more recent times, the famous loan of Julien Faubert whose name now sits alongside many of the all-time greats in the Real Madrid museum.

On my way to work, I drive past the famous Bernebeu stadium every day and I dream that one day I will see the future stars of West Ham playing here in the Champions League.

But more than that, we have the opportunity to learn from the best as the move into the new Stadium draws closer. Of course, the physical evidence of a new top class stadium and attracting some of the world’s most talented players to the club is fundamental. However, what makes Real Madrid a great club is the things you do not see. The Real Madrid Foundation, for example, partners with Microsoft to improve IT skills in schools. Or the family-friendly policy. We can go on but it is enough to say that these small things do make a difference.

It is true that these types of activities do require significant resources and take time to embed. We are not starting from scratch. We already have a West Ham Foundation, local community activities in schools exist but are quietly communicated and there are moves to encourage family involvement.

As fans, we can dare to dream of playing Real Madrid in the Champions League Final but we need to compete with the best in every aspect on and off the field.

Hasta Luego!
Madrid Hammer

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