Season Ticket Holders - You decide who joins us

Season Ticket Holder Ross Mandie is counting the days until he takes his seat at West Ham United's new Stadium with his two boys.       

Ross, who hails from Plaistow, is part of an 18-strong group of Season Ticket Holders all clubbing together to take their seats alongside one another at the Hammers' new Stratford home.

But first and foremost, Ross is proud to be extending his own family's traditions to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

"It feels amazing, it looks brilliant," he told West Ham TV. "Obviously we're all together, so it's good, really good. I’m very impressed.

"Especially going with the boys, they've been going with me since they were five and to carry that on into the new Stadium is an amazing feeling. 

“My two boys, by my side every week, so hopefully when they get a bit older they can start taking me!

"My family are from Plaistow, my granddad, my mum, it's gone down the generations. All of my family are from around that area, so Ross had no choice.”

Supporters possess the unique opportunity to take their seats alongside friends and family for the historic 2016/17 campaign.    

As a Season Ticket Holder like Ross, you are a Founder of our new Stadium and we want you to take your place in history alongside the fellow Hammers fans who mean the most to you.

So we are giving you the chance to bring two friends and family with you to the new Stadium as new Season Ticket Holders. You can choose your seats together, and your status as Founders will be displayed, pride of place, at our new home.

For more information on Founders, click here.