View on the Opposition - Tottenham

Ham and High sports writer Ben Pearce gives us the lowdown on Tottenham Hotspur
Ham and High sports writer and Tottenham Hotspur correspondent for the Hackney Gazette, Ben Pearce, gives us the lowdown on Sunday's opponents.

What have you found made of Tottenham this season?

BP: "They started very well, scoring late goals, particularly Christian Eriksen has been a big feature of Spurs' season. It took a while for Pochettino to figure out his best team, but he seems to have worked it out now. There was a lot of chopping and changing until around November, but since Christmas they've been very good. Beating Chelsea 5-3 and Arsenal, both at home were deserved wins. It's encouraging to see Tottenham gradually improve as the season has gone on."

What competition is the priority for Tottenham?

"If you asked the staff and the board, I think they would say there isn't a priority, they want to compete in each tournament they're in. The League Cup, one way or another, will be over  next weekend so after that they'll only have the Premier League and Europa League to compete in. It'll be interesting to see how they cope with having a match every four days or so, a lot of teams have tended to struggle with that.

"A Champions League spot is the ultimate aim for Daniel Levy and most Spurs' fans so I think it's very unlikely they'll play weakened teams in the League. I think it also depends on how their Europa League campaign goes. If they get through to the quarters or semis I'm sure they'll focus on that, especially as the winners get a Champions League spot."

A word on Harry Kane, he's been in great form, how good do you think he is?

"I think we're still waiting to find out. There's no doubt he's a fantastic player, but it's still too early to tell how far he could go. He's scored 23 goals already this season, just three goals less than Gareth Bale in his last season at White Hart Lane, so that gives you some idea. Admittedly, he plays in a different position, but he's also got three months left of the season.

"It wasn't long ago that there were question marks about his future at Tottenham and he certainly had to prove himself. But he's done that, and he's developed physically. He's not the quickest but he makes up for it with his work rate. Some people were saying he only scores against the lower sides, but he scored twice against Chelsea and Arsenal, and away at Liverpool too."
I think it'll be a tight game with Tottenham winning 2-1 through another late goal
What have you made of West Ham this season?

"I haven't seen a great deal of them to be honest but from what I've seen I've been impressed. They've had a stylistic change this season and a greater strength in depth so it's harder to know what to expect. Added to that, they've scored goals from a range of different positions.

"Sunday is a huge game, one which both teams will certainly want to win. With West Ham having beaten Tottenham three times last season, twice at White Hart Lane, they certainly won't want to lose again as last season was pretty embarrassing for them. Regardless of the history, it's a London derby, which no one ever wants to lose."

What is your prediction for the score at White Hart Lane?

"It's a difficult one to call. I think it'll be a tight game with Tottenham winning 2-1 through another late goal."

How do you think Tottenham's season will pan out?

"I can't call the League Cup final, it's a one off game so anything could happen. The race for fourth is so tight this season. Tottenham have finished fifth in recent years and I can see that happening again. If they did finish fifth I don't think that is a bad finish, at one point fans would've been very happy with that.

"As for the Europa League, I think they'll beat Fiorentina and maybe get to the semis but there are more experienced and developed sides in the tournament. I'd be surprised if they won it."