View on the Opposition - Manchester United

Manchester United fan and Academy sport's scientist Miles Smith lifts the lid on Saturday's opponents
Manchester United Season Ticket Holder and West Ham United Academy sport’s scientist Miles Smith lifts the lid on Saturday’s opponents.

What have you made of United’s season so far?

"I think United are getting there, under Louis van Gaal they're playing the style that he likes to play, certain United fans haven’t taken that so well because of the expectations they have. But I think overall, the team are getting there, he’s starting to implement his philosophy.

"A few weeks ago Gary Neville said he thought United needed two more top players to change the games and I think that’s all they need really, I think United are missing that spark."

Quite a few new players came in over the summer, who has impressed you most?

"The young boy Anthony Martial is obviously a standout; he couldn’t have started any better scoring against Liverpool. Memphis Depay has come in for a lot of unnecessary criticism but he has definitely showed signs that he can be a good player. He’s got that quality to play at United’s level for a long, long time but it might not be happening for him at the minute."

What is a realistic expectation for United this season, in terms of a league position?

"Top, I think you have to say top of the league every year, I don’t think you can say anything else. If a United manager said any less than top they’d already be in trouble, it’s got to be challenging at least for the title."

What have you made of West Ham this season?

"We've impressed a lot of people and I think ruined a lot of betting slips this season! Obviously our form has been amazing, as we've beaten the big teams so far and it’ll be interesting to see if we can do it again on Saturday. If we can they I’m sure they’ll drive on for the rest of the season. The last few results are not what quite what we wanted but it’ll be interesting to see how the team react on Saturday."

What is your prediction for Saturday’s score?

"It’s a tough one for me this weekend as I have a foot in both camps. This fixture is probably the worst one of the season for me, obviously working at West Ham I want them to do as well as possible but my family have been United season ticket holders for generations really.

"Our boys have often shwoed this season that we can compete with the top teams but as we know United are among the best in Europe so I don't thinkit's going to be easy for either team.

"Maybe my family will give me a bit of stick for saying this but a result either side of the draw and I can't really lose!"