Chadwell Chatter - Mark Noble

Mark Noble wants to put things right against Liverpool on Saturday and says he would love to become official Club Captain

Hello everybody,

It was great for me to have another look around the new Stadium this week and have a tour of the latest developments alongside Dimitri Payet and Angelo Ogbonna.

What a fantastic place it is. You can see that it looks like a proper stadium now. Every time you come here you can see the developments that are taking place.

Once the seats are put over the running track and the seats are put into our club colours you can see what it is going to be like as a West Ham United Stadium. Everyone is really looking forward to it.

The main aim for us is to stay in the Premier League but we want more than that and we want a strong campaign. We have got a new manager with new ideas and when we come into the new Stadium we can have a real go.

Slaven has come in and has a different way to play. There is a transition but hopefully it can be made smoothly and we can have a strong campaign.

We are determined to make amends for the home defeat against Bournemouth last weekend.

If you score three goals at home you expect to win but we got what we deserved on the day. What a game for us to make it up than Liverpool away and we are looking forward to the challenge.

The last two results have been disappointing for us and it is not going to be easy for us playing at Anfield.

They have had a great start to the season but we are a good team and we will take a lot of confidence from our opening away win over Arsenal.

Performing at Liverpool is a great place to play and the chance for the new boys to show what they can do and hopefully we can come away with some points.

I know the record is not good for us at Anfield but that has to be broken at some point and there is no reason why that cannot be on Saturday.

I want to pay tribute to Kevin Nolan who left the Club this week. He was a great leader and led us to promotion and three solid seasons in the Premier League. I cannot speak highly enough of the man.

I have known him for four-years and I'm pretty sure we will stay friends for life.

Sam brought Kevin in as the captain and he knew he could rely on me as his vice-captain when he wasn't there. He scored a lot of important goals for us and will be missed both on and off the pitch.

It is up to the manager who he wants to make captain but obviously being a local boy and going to school in the local area, I would love to captain the team I supported. It is Roy of the Rovers stuff.

I have led them out many times but to be made official captain would be something special.

I hope everyone has a safe trip up to Anfield on Saturday.