Digital wrap plans unveiled

Plans have been revealed for a spectacular LED digital wrap to cover the exterior of the Hammers’ new Stadium in Stratford

West Ham United are delighted to reveal that planning consent is being sought for a state-of-the-art digital wrap to cover the Hammers’ new home on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

The proposed LED digital wrap, which would display on the Stadium’s exterior, would become the very first of its kind to be used in a UK sporting arena.  

It will allow the Club to design striking and bespoke West Ham content for each and every Hammers matchday.    

The new Stadium already promises to be among the most distinctive in world sport, let alone football, and the prospect of a digital wrap further enhances those credentials. 

From the very outset, the Club have promised supporters that come the summer of 2016 the new Stadium would look and feel unmistakably like West Ham’s home.  A West Ham-branded exterior is naturally at the heart of that ambition. 

The digital wrap would give the Club tremendous scope to use diverse, innovative content catered to each specific fixture and it promises to be a spectacular sight for supporters approaching the ground.  

The wrap itself would stretch around the north, east and south sides of the Stadium and would be capable of displaying moving, colour content. The LEDs would be housed in a structure attached to back of the existing Stadium bowl. 

As well as enhancing the Stadium’s overall aesthetics, the wrap provides the flexibility to promote the wider park and reflect the look and feel of other events taking place within the Stadium.