The First and Last - Carl Jenkinson

Carl Jenkinson goes under the spotlight with some memorable firsts and lasts from his life and career

As West Ham United get their final season at the Boleyn Ground underway, we’ve asked our players for some memorable lasts from their careers and lives, as well as some firsts. Now, Carl Jenkinson goes under the spotlight…

What’s the first radio station you turn on when you get in the car?

I don’t listen to the radio any more to be honest, as I listen to Spotify. But if I do, it probably would have been Magic.

Tell us about your first international cap…

It was for England against Sweden in November 2012 and it was a great experience. It fulfilled a dream and was a wonderful day for myself and my family. We lost the game – it was when Zlatan scored all four of their goals – but it was a memorable day and the aim is to get back into that squad as soon as possible.

What was the first nickname you were given in football?

It was actually just Carlo, because there were two Carls when I first joined Charlton as a kid – a goalkeeper and myself – and for whatever reason I became Carlo. No-one calls me it anymore, but that’s what it was when I was about eight.  Now it’s Jenks or Jenko.

Who would be the first player you’d call up for a pub quiz?

I’d go with somebody like Kev. He’s experienced and knows a lot about everything.

What was the first car that you owned?

A Vauxhall Astra. I was 17 when I got that after I passed second time. It was heart-wrenching not to do it first time!


Talk us through the last goal you scored?

The last goal I scored was for England U21s when we beat Portugal 3-1 in a friendly last season. The ball came across to me at the edge of the box and I just put it into the bottom corner. That was it really, nothing too spectacular but a goal nonetheless. I’d like to get two or three this year. I tend to get a few assists but I need to get on the scoresheet more often now.

Whose was the last shirt you collected after a game?

I haven’t got a shirt for over a year now. I can’t remember as I haven’t swapped shirts for so long, but I do have Arjen Robben’s shirt from when Arsenal beat Bayern Munich 2-0 in the Allianz Arena. That’s probably my most cherished one.

What was the last meal you cooked at home?

We’re genuinely talking years here. I think it was probably chicken fajitas. Not years, actually, I’m exaggerating but six months ago.

What was the last concert you went to?

Darius Rucker. I went to two of his gigs in the summer – in Salt Lake City and Albuquerque in New Mexico. That was incredible.

Where was the last place you went to on holiday?

That was the US. It was sort of a road trip where we went to a couple of gigs. It was really good fun.