From the Terraces

talkSPORT presenter Ian 'Moose' Abrahams got one over his Arsenal-supporting daughter Amber at the Emirates on Sunday
Ian 'Moose' Abrahams is a lifelong West Ham United supporter and talkSPORT presenter and reporter. His daughter Amber is an Arsenal fan...

As one member of West Ham United’s match-winning squad reminded after the 2-0 win at Arsenal, ‘don't get carried away’.

Wise words, but, and without naming him, and he knows who he is, the Emirates win was special for me.

An Arsenal friend of mine who is away on holiday gave me his two tickets in the Diamond Club at The Emirates. As she had never seen Arsenal live before, I took my Arsenal-supporting eldest daughter Amber along for the big London derby.

As a West Ham fan, man and boy, it is not easy having a daughter who prefers Arsenal to West Ham.
When Zarate scored the second I turned to Amber. “Daddy,” she said, “it is ridiculous”, and she was right.

Mesut Ozil cost as much, if not more than pretty much all of the West Ham team put together. Yet, with a manager not afraid to try and win, players who fought well and a 16-year-old playing like a man twice his age, my team was winning and went on to deserve the plaudits they got.

After finishing the superb food laid on for us, which you can view on my Twitter feed as always, we got the lift down to the car, which I was allowed to park under the stadium.

I saw the Vice-Chairman Karren Brady and congratulated her and spent a few minutes with her husband, Paul Peschisolido, discussing the merits of our win.

We then bumped into Thierry Henry, without doubt one of the best foreign players to play in the Premier League, along with Dennis Bergkamp, Eric Cantona and Gianfranco Zola, and an Arsenal legend.

Amber stopped for a picture and I told Thierry his old team could have done with him out on the pitch. He told me he was enjoying his TV role, and I told him I was grateful he could not cause us any problems from the Sky Sports studio!

“Stop it Daddy,” Amber said halfway up Holloway Road, “enough singing Bubbles.”

She wasn't happy, but how many of us see our team win the first time we see them play? West Ham drew 2-2 at home to Everton in 1977 on my first visit to Upton Park.

Sadly even our great win won't convert Amber, but there is for now one thing she can't say to me…
I asked Amber years ago, ‘Why do you want to support Arsenal, when I support West Ham?”

“Daddy,” she responded, “because Arsenal is the better team and always wins.”

On Sunday, for the first time in nearly a decade, and the first time ever to Amber, that wasn’t the case!

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