View on the Opposition - Arsenal

Lifelong Arsenal fan Caitlin Williams lifts the lid on Sunday's opponents
Ahead of the Hammers’ opening game of the 2015/16 Premier League season, spoke to lifelong Arsenal fan Caitlin Williams

How significant do you think Arsenal’s win over Chelsea in the Community Shield is?

"Chelsea are still looking like the team to beat this season so it's a great confidence boost to have won at the first attempt, especially with their long standing record over us in the last 13 matches. It’s an important stumbling block to have got over and very encouraging that we were able to do so without Alexis Sanchez, who was one of our best players last season."

How important a signing is Petr Cech?

"Extremely important. I’m very surprised Chelsea allowed him to come to us. We've been missing a truly convincing keeper for a number of years and he is undoubtedly still one of the world’s best who is able to direct the defence properly. That organisation is something we've been lacking previously."

What would represent a good season for Arsenal? 

"I think we have to have eyes only for the number one spot. For the first time in a while it’s something I think is a real possibility, this is certainly the strongest squad we’ve had for some time. It would also be nice to see some serious progression in the Champions League. As always, we need to keep our squad injury free!"

Who will be Arsenal’s main men this season? 

"Sanchez, of course! Other than him, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain put on a convincing display in the Community Shield and he obviously has the talent. He's enthusiastic and full of attacking intent and I just hoping he stays injury free. I’m hoping Mesut Ozil will finally have the season that was expected following his move from Real Madrid. Arsene Wenger still seems confident that he can be the main playmaker this season." 
What do you make of West Ham’s new signings and new manager Slaven Bilic? 

"Bilic is already aiming high and it’s good to see him reuniting the fans together. After West Ham's initial impressive run of form at the start of last season it will be interesting to see if the new signings can sustain that form over the whole season. I’m very interested to see if Dimitri Payet can live up to expectation, if he can then that’ll make a big difference."

What is your prediction for Sunday’s score?

"2-0 Arsenal, purely due to Arsenal’s strong preseason performance coupled with West Ham's early return to action due to their involvement in the Europa League."

How do you think Arsenal’s season will pan out?

"I’m feeling confident of at least a top four finish, especially considering the number of different goal scorers in pre-season. We need to start strong and concentrate on our consistency to stop Chelsea running away with it before the season properly gets going."