Hammers players undergo screening tests

The West Ham United players turned out in force as they underwent a screening day at the Spire Roding Hospital which is the official private hospital of West Ham United.

The entire first-team squad went through extensive medical checks and had dental, eyes, blood and cardiac tests to ensure they are in full working order heading into the new season.

West Ham United's Head of Medical and Sports Science Stijn Vandenbroucke believes the exercise is crucial for all the players and knows they are receiving the best possible treatment.

Vandenbroucke said: “We do the screening at the Spire Roding because it is the best venue for us to do it. The partnership made my job easier to do the screening there.

“We do the screening to prevent any health issues. We look at their blood, heart, their head to prevent any sickness or missing days through illness.”

The Spire Roding Hospital's Head of Clinical Services Antti Kivimaki was thrilled that the players of West Ham United were able to have their screening done inside the hospital and believes they will only benefit from having the best medical facilities available to use.

Kivimaki said: “It is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with a world class football team such as West Ham United.

“We have fantastic medical facilities at the Roding Hospital and are happy that we can share that and help our local football club.

“We are really committed here to provide the best health care and invest in technology and it is great that we can demonstrate that with the partnership with West Ham United.”

West Ham United midfielder Matt Jarvis says the players know the importance of undergoing the tests and ensure they are all fully fit heading into a busy season.

Jarvis said: “It is good to know what condition you are in and how you can correct it straight away. It is not all bad, you have a few needles, but it is good to know exactly what is going on.”

Young defender Lewis Page, who started against Werder Bremen in the final pre-season game at the Boleyn Ground also says the testing will give him the peace of mind to focus fully on the season ahead.

Page said: “You feel safe if you know everything is all-clear. You can forget about it and concentrate on your football. If there is a problem you can get it sorted out.”