From the Terraces - Mark Carlaw

Fan blogger Mark Carlaw analyses Saturday's draw at QPR.

Fan blogger Mark Carlaw looks at Saturday's 0-0 draw against QPR...

It's sometimes hard to pick out the positives from the negatives I have to admit - especially when it comes to West Ham. However on Saturday it wasn't too difficult to differentiate the two. The positive today was the man our club signed on a free transfer 23 months ago from Betis - Adrian.
This man has been something else for our club. He's not only settled into the squad as if he was born down Green Street - but has built a relationship with the fans so fast .. in fact I haven't seen this type of connection since the days of Paolo Di Canio.
Adrian was once again called upon, and he delivered - and lets be honest, if he hadn't saved the Charlie Austin penalty - we would have lost. Because now, sadly, I have to focus on the negative...
We were poor, again. It's something that in recent months of this season that we have come accustomed to, and like most fans I'm struggling to understand why.
I understand we have lost players through injury, and no doubt that has played a factor - but the reality is we are safe - we really have nothing to fear. Yet why we play like we're in a relegation dogfight I cannot understand.
People of course will point finger at the manager, and rightly so. Sam Allardyce is the man in charge and has to accept responsibility. However it is also down the to the men on the pitch. They have to stand up and be counted too and it's about time we started performing the way we know we can.
Is it down to the players already on their holidays? I certainly hope not!

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