Chadwell Chatter - Carl Jenkinson

Hello everyone,

We head to Manchester City on Sunday and we have to get over the sucker punch we were hit with in stoppage time last weekend.

Up to then we had defended so well for the whole game and then to concede so late was hugely disappointing.
I don’t know what to say really, it was a massive blow to us because we thought we were going to take the three points as did everyone else, but it was not to be - hopefully Sunday will be our day.

It is bizarre why we keep conceding late goals. Of course it is massively frustrating and you start to question when things are going to start going our way. We have been in those positions and we haven’t managed to hold on, so it is about time we started.

It would be very disappointing after the season that we have had if we don't come in the top ten.

There was so much optimism around the place, but it is not really happening for us at the moment, but we have six games left and it is massive, we want to finish as high as we can. We would love to get eighth spot we just have to take each game as it comes, but we are just not getting the results at the moment.

Rest assured, we are all determined to turn that around, starting with Sunday's game. See you all there!