Chadwell Chatter - Carlton Cole

Carlton Cole on Stoke, Leicester, meeting the fans and his Football Fighting Ebola fundraiser

Hello everybody,

It’s Stoke on Saturday and we know we have to kick on and get the next result. It’s not been a great period but the manager will tell you that we’re working hard on the training ground to improve things and that’s what we need to do at the minute.

I was so disappointed that those balls into the box didn’t quite come to me last Saturday as I wanted to be the hero again! It didn’t come, I think Schmeichel made a few good saves and I really wish he had no hands so it could have fallen for me!

That’s what happens in football, I’ll have to wait for my next chance and hopefully it comes really soon.

Stoke is a really tough place to go to, but they’ve got to come here and teams coming to West Ham will say the same thing about the Boleyn Ground. We need to pull our finger out for this game and make sure we’re going to score and defend with our lives.

That’s what we’re aiming to do and I think all the people around West Ham want the same as we do and that’s a win.

I managed to ruffle some feathers when I came on at Stoke and I want to ruffle some feathers any time I get.

I got ten minutes on Saturday. If I can get more that will be great and I’ll do my best. It’s up to the manager what team he picks, and I can only be the professional I am, do my best and give 100 per cent as soon as I get a chance.

We’ve worked so hard to get to this position and I think we have to go out there and leave an imprint on Stoke to say we’re better than you and that we deserve to be in this position. There’s no better time than Saturday to do that.

It’s the time to prove to ourselves and the manager that we are worthy of being in that position.

I went along to a fans’ Q&A event at the stadium on Tuesday night and it was a really good evening.

There were some decent questions, especially from the young boys they put on the microphone and it was good to give the people a bit of entertainment!

I have a great connection with the fans here and everyone wants to hear your opinion at these events. I gave mine on a few subjects and that’s what it’s all about. It’s an intimate crowd, we get to sign autographs and make people happy so it’s all good.

Finally, on Sunday I will be hosting a fundraiser for Football Fighting Ebola. My mum is from Sierra Leone and it’s a country that has been hit really hard by the crisis.

I’m doing an event at Searcy’s in Knightsbridge, getting people together to support my idea of fundraising to help the nurses and doctors who are doing a great job out in Sierra Leone already.

They need our support to fund what they’re doing to eradicate the disease. They’ve had a lot of help from around the world, but I feel football needs to play a bigger part in eradicating the issue over there because we have a lot of power in the sport.

Let’s try and use that to make the world a safer place. You can donate yourself by clicking here.

Enjoy Saturday’s game!