Club London FAQs

I am a Season Ticket holder but am interested in potentially upgrading and would therefore like a Club London appointment?

Season Ticket Holders can register on the Club London waiting list for free by calling the Ticket Office on 0871 529 1966 and selecting option three. Once registered you will be allocated a Reservation Centre appointment following existing Corporate Seasonal Members.

I am not an existing Season Ticket Holder or Corporate Member but am interested in Club London?

You can join the Club London waiting list for a registration fee of £10. This can be done by calling 0871 529 1966 and selecting option three online or at - you will need to login if you have an account or create a new one - view the online user guide here  . Once registered you will be allocated a Reservation Centre appointment following existing Corporate Seasonal Members and Season Ticket Holders. Appointments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Why are Corporate Members being dealt with first?

Hospitality seats are being released for sale first to allow all Season Ticket Holders to upgrade to these seats in the new Stadium. Therefore all existing Corporate Seasonal Members who hold hospitality seats at the Boleyn Ground will have the option to select first, before Season Ticket Holders have priority ahead of other supporters.

When will we find out more about General Admission migration?

More information about the Season Ticket seat selection process in the new Stadium will be communicated to existing Season Ticket Holders and the wider supporter base before the end of this year.

When will we find out General Admission pricing?

2016/17 Season Ticket pricing will be announced in early 2015 ahead of the General Admission appointments at the Reservation Centre.

How do I join the last season at the Boleyn Ground waiting list

The 2015/16 Season Ticket waiting list is already open and gives supporters first priority for a Season Ticket following the renewal period. A £10 registration fee is required which is redeemable against a 2015/16 Season Ticket. Supporters can join the wailing list online at, by calling 0871 529 1966 and selecting option three or in person at the Boleyn Ground Stadium Ticket Office.

Please note existing Season Ticket Holders do not need to join the waiting list.

When will I be contacted about my appointment?

The Club can will start making contact with Season Ticket Holders in Spring 2015 with details of when to expect confirmation of their own personal appointment.

At the appointment, dedicated advisors will help supporters select the optimum at the new Stadium using ground breaking virtual technology. This will also enable fans to group together with family and friends come 2016, as well as those they currently sit with at the Boleyn Ground.

Full details and timing of this migration process will be announced before the end of the year.

What can I expect from a Reservation Centre appointment?

The Reservation Centre offers exclusive individual appointments to supporters, where they can experience the look and feel of West Ham United's new home, the world-class hospitality facilities on offer and see exclusive CGI representations of the Stadium in completed football mode.

One of the most exciting features of the appointment experience is the cutting edge Virtual Venue technology - the first of its kind in use in the UK. It allows supporters to navigate the seating bowl of the stadium to check out the sightlines and surroundings before selecting their new seat for the 2016/17 season.