The Big Interview - Andy Carroll


AC: "We're playing fantastically. The gaffer has signed some great players and we're showing the quality we've got with the goals we're scoring. That's why we are where we are in the league, so for me to be a part of that - I cannot wait."

Does it feel like the team has evolved over the time you've been at the Club, with the players who joined with you having been added to over the summer?

AC: "Since West Ham were promoted, it's only gone up really, and it's going to continue to go up too with the New Stadium and where we are in the league. With the players we've signed, we've turned it around completely."

We're scoring goals and creating chances - how much do you want to be a part of that?

AC: "We scored three headers at Burnley, and another on Saturday with Cresswell crossing the ball in. He whips them in and puts them on a plate, so I can't wait to be involved with that."

That kind of delivery is just what you want, isn't it?

AC: Yes, the service that everyone is putting in the box to create chances has been great. That's what I thrive on."

How far do you think this team can go this season?

AC: "I think we can push right on for Europe. I don't see why not - I think all the lads are positive about that and I know the gaffer is too."

I know you were there on Saturday, and you experienced the atmosphere against Manchester City. That was special, wasn't it?

AC: "It's great, I'm sitting there with my friends and family watching and everyone's talking about how great the fans are. It shows when the fans get behind you how well you can play. That's exactly what they're doing and it feels like we've got 12 men on the pitch."