Tevez: 'I'll be there for West Ham'

Carlos Tevez knows better than most what a West Ham United fairy tale looks like.

His precious Old Trafford winner on Survival Sunday was the 'perfect ending', so says the Argentine.

Could he then come back to play in Claret and Blue rather than Argentina Blue? Never say never, but an honourable Tevez is not in the habit of making promises he cannot keep. So how about the final day at the Boleyn Ground in May 2016?

"It would be an honour," he told West Ham TV. "Anything West Ham need, anything they need from Carlos Tevez, I will always be there. Unfortunately, I can't give them any more years of my career, but yes, I identify with this Club and if there's anything they need, Carlos Tevez will be there."

On the pitch it is an entirely different story and a complicated one at that. If he were younger, it sounds as if he would return in a heartbeat, but with much of his family still in South America, the 30-year-old reckons his days in Europe are numbered.

He continued: "I only have a few years left in my career, it's not as if I have much left, but I do have a great feeling with these people and it would be wrong from my side to tell them I will come back when realistically I know it will be very difficult.

"I have been in Europe for ten years and I'm already missing my family, I miss my dad, I miss my brothers and everything else.

"If I had a few years more left in my career and I was only in my twenties, of course I would tell you that I would come back. But it would be very unfair from my side to create false expectations to the fans, because they love me and they really don't deserve that."

And they love him because of his goals and the infectious enthusiasm that dragged West Ham from the brink in 2007. It is hard to believe that for 19 games his goals tally numbered nought. What changed when Tottenham Hotspur came to town?

"I was not a regular at the time. I'd start some games, others I'd be on the bench and come on, but for the very first time since arriving at West Ham - I always felt that I was loved by all the fans, everyone loved me very much and I could feel that - I could sense that everyone was expecting me to score a goal. So in that moment, what came out was just going and hugging the fans, celebrating with them."

A delirious Tevez wheels away in celebration against Spurs

For Tevez, just as for West Ham, 2006/07 was a rocky old road, to put it mildly. His first season in Europe, let alone England, and it got off to a rotten start. But all is well that ends well and the Juventus forward is not about to forget it, particularly that glorious winner at the Theatre of Dreams.

"I remember everything about that season, because it was not easy for me, coming to a new country, a city like London, I didn't speak the language, a very different culture compared to mine.

"But I think if I had to pick one moment it would definitely be Old Trafford, the goal at Old Trafford which saved us and kept us in the Premier League. I believe that was the perfect ending to a very intense season."

The Hammers complete the Greatest Escape at Old Trafford in '07

But it should come as little surprise that his abiding Boleyn Ground memory is not of goals, games or indeed players, but of the fans and a certain song of which he will never tire. And it is a relationship that Tevez says can never be matched.

"Every time I walked into that pitch the best thing was always the fans. The song, 'There's only one Carlos Tevez' - is unique! So there will never be anything like that again for me."

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