Simply the Breast

West Ham United were delighted to welcome members of Thurrock Breast Cancer Group to the Boleyn Ground ahead of their 2-1 win over current champions Manchester City.

Members Lisa Tsouroulla, Clare Mitchell and Nina Rudder witnessed the fantastic result as they sung 'Simply the Breast' at half-time in front of 35,000 fans. their biggest audience to date. The campaigners said they hoped their recently released single would help to raise awareness and funding for research into breast cancer.

Speaking to West Ham TV before the game, Lisa explained the aims of the campaign.

"We've been raising funds for breast cancer campaign, there's ten of us in our group and we've all been affected by breast cancer in some way or another. Some personally, and some by friends or family.

"We started in January raising money and we've just released a single called 'Simply the Breast' which is a remake of Tina Turner's 'Simply the Best' so we're trying to raise funds and awareness for research."

Fellow campaigner Clare explained how the song came into existence: "Emmy from Youth Creation rewrote the lyrics to make them all about breast cancer. We went to a recording studio, they were really helpful in promoting our song. We want to spread awareness and raise as much money as we can.

"Most of our husbands support West Ham, they're season ticket holders. Our children support West Ham. We thought it would be a good audience to target. Hopefully West Ham fans will download it and the song will get it into the charts."

Nina continued to say that the main message the campaign is trying to promote is: "That people need to check themselves, men can also get breast cancer as well. So people need to get themselves checked regularly."

'Simply the Breast' is available here on iTunes at just 79p. To find out more information about Thurrock's Breast Cancer Campaign, you can visit their twitter page @thurrockbcc