Nolan wants to build on successful Feb

West Ham United skipper Kevin Nolan is seeking more goals over the final nine games of the campaign.

The Hammers No4 plundered five goals in a successful February, just a matter of weeks after sitting out four games due to a second red card of the season.

He is pleased with the way he has turned his season around but won't be satisfied until he has secured more victories for his team.

"To be honest, looking back at this season at the end of it, I will be proud of my whole season, bar the blip in the middle of it," he explained.

"I have played in a lot of different positions this season and done a lot of things I'd never done before as a professional and I think I've grown in that way.

"I've made mistakes that I'd never made before in my career and I knew, once that happened, that I had to come back and be ready.

"I worked so hard with the fitness coach Eamon Swift during that suspension lay-off and didn't take time off like some lads do to clear their heads. I wanted to be in and around the lads every day, working to try and be as sharp and fit as I possibly could be when I came back into the team.

"I also wanted to make my family proud and believe in me because they stuck with me when things weren't going so well, whereas when everything is going well, everyone wants to be your mate.

"Since I've come back, I think my performances have been very good. It helps that we've got everyone back fit now because you don't have to shoulder so much responsibility. We have some top-notch professionals here.

"The return of the Big Man has also helped because, as everyone knows, when we play together we score goals. Our record speaks for itself as a pair.

"There are a lot of factors why my form has improved over the last seven weeks, but looking back over the whole season, I'm quite pleased with how it's gone, barring that little blip."