Everton 1-0 West Ham United FT





Final score - Everton 1-0 West Ham United

94: Final whistle. Everton win. West Ham's winning run comes to an end. Everton undoubtedly edged it in terms of possession and chances, but any time you concede a goal with less than ten minutes to play is hugely frustrating. The Hammers stood firm and disciplined and organised for long periods, but Baines' qualify finally opened West Ham up and Lukaku was there with an emphatic finish. We're on the road at Stoke in a week's time, but in the meantime we'll have reaction from Goodison Park on all our media platforms. Thanks for joining us.

93: Pienaar to Baines. Again. Low cross. Diving header clearance by Collins but straight to Barry. It's not going to happen for West Ham, I'm afraid. Pienaar jigs into the box and wins a corner off Collins as time runs out.

92: Lukaku collects from Baines, cuts inside and slices his shot high and miles wide into the Gwladys Street end. Goal kick. Ninety seconds to play. Carroll wins it, but Everton collect and can run this out.

91: Downing curls the free-kick too high and Howard catches. Big Sam turns away in disgust.

90: Quality from Carroll, who controls Adrian's clearance on his chest and is fouled by Baines as he spins away. Yellow card for Baines. Last chance. Into three added minutes...

89: West Ham can't fashion a meaningful attack. Barkley slams a low shot wide of the post. From the goal kick, the ball bounces up and Distin misses it, but it's because Nolan is tugging at him. Mr Moss gives a free-kick. Nolan doesn't like the decision. I don't think he'd have scored anyway, to be honest.

87: I am afraid I can't see West Ham finding an equaliser here. Everton have a corner. They take it short, clip it to the far post from McGeady and Reid heads behind again. West Ham's long winless run at Goodison Park is set to continue. What is it about West Ham and Merseyside?! The visitors deal with the second corner.

85: Everton bring on Ross Barkley for Naismith. West Ham's challenge is to believe they can get something out of this game.

84: West Ham on the back foot again. Barry clips the ball into Lukaku, who turns and smashes a shot over the bar. The Everton fans have decided to sing at last.

81: Goal! West Ham cannot hold out this time. Baines is the creator, crossing low and Lukaku is there on the penalty spot to run onto the ball and fire low past Collins and Adrian. It's painful. West Ham have nine minutes or so to save a point.

80: Winston Reid is on, but it's for Guy Demel. He goes to right-back.

79: Carroll takes on three Everton players and is tripped by Barry, who is incensed. The West Ham fans sing Carroll's name. The free-kick is hit long and Tomkins leaps, but can only glance the ball behind for a goal kick.

77: Noble goes a bit loopy as he feels he has been fouled as he plays a one-two with Nolan. Nothing given. Collins stops the Everton counter with a big boot before Downing is fouled. This time it is given. Noble takes on the diagonal but over-hits the free-kick. It bounces away for a goal kick on the far side. More frustration for Noble. Keep going, Mark!

75: Close! Adrian clears, Carroll flicks on, Nolan holds up, lays off and Carroll smashes the first-time left-foot shot a couple of yards over the top from 25. Frustration for the No9. He hit that well, but it was never threatening the goal.

74: Reid, Cole and Nocerino are warming-up on the touchline. The travelling fans are singing away. The home fans still murmuring, expectant...

73: Deulofeu has been less effective since the break. His game is over. Irishman Aiden McGeady is on in his place. He joined Everton in January from Spartak Moscow.

72: Carroll battles from the right-wing Demel cross. He holds up play with his back to goal, then the ball rolls out as far as Noble, whose first-time left-foot curler flashes high and wide of the target.

71: Everton have fashioned 17 shots, but just two of them have been on target. From them, Adrian saved from Naismith and then Pienaar.

68: Baines and Pienaar look like they could combine in their sleep. They keep on playing one-twos before this one wins a free-kick as Demel fouls the No22. Baines curls over superb free-kick - wicked is the word - but Distin can only poke his volley wide. He was only six yards out. Big miss.

66: Jarvis is replaced by Mo Diame. Come on Mo, let's have something special off the bench again!

66: It's a bit stretched at present. Everton are throwing more and more men forward chasing the opening goal, but this time Collins and Demel are there. McCarthy brings down Noble in midfield. It's taken quickly and the ball is swept out wide to the left, from where Jarvis gets to the byline and stands the cross up for Carroll. Howard claims in front of the No9.

63: Lukaku has his first chance to shine. He runs Demel, crosses and the Ivorian gets a toe to the ball. Corner. Taken short. Deulofeu collects and curls a shot wide of the far post. West Ham standing firm defensively.

61: I was dubious of that stat which said we'd had 54 passes in the first half. According to the same website, we've now totalled 77 passes, of which 60 were in the attacking third. That cannot be right!

60: Anti-climax as the corner curls out of play. Goal kick to the Hammers.

59: Everton win a corner. Before it can be taken, Osman is replaced by Lukaku. Baines takes the captain's armband.

56: Another chance for the Hammers as Nolan's curling effort deflects just past the far upright for a corner. Carroll challenges first, then Demel, and Downing collects on the far side. He wins another corner. Distin wins the header from Downing's corner. Jarvis chases Pienaar to the touchline and the South African goes to ground. It's not a foul, but Mr Moss blows. Free-kick to Everton and West Ham's chance is gone for now.

55: That's what he is good at. Adrian's long clearance is headed out by Distin as far as Carroll after the No9 had won the initial flick. He slams a left-foot first-time shot from 25 yards that Howard tips over. Rasping strike! Carroll wins the header from the corner, but it's a glancing effort and does not threaten the goal.

54: Osman this time, running from deep with the ball down the middle. He has space as he goes past Tomkins, but Demel is across on the cover and blocks. The ball hits Osman and rolls away for a goal kick.

52: Downing works some space from a throw, but he cannot make the most of it as he floats a cross behind for a goal kick. That was a decent chance to deliver some real quality.

50: Deulofeu takes and Carroll heads out. Baines collects and crosses. The ball is worked to Pienaar, who goes down under a challenge from Downing. Mr Moss waves away the penalty claims. Collins clears but Everton are on the attack again seconds later. Baines again cuts the ball back for Pienaar, who drives over the crossbar. Goal kick.

49: It's been breathless since the break. Baines crosses again and Taylor ushers the ball back to Adrian after cutting it out. Everton come again and Demel fouls Pienaar from behind. Free-kick. Baines to take wide left... or maybe Deulofeu...

47: Action at the other end now as Stones and Nolan challenge for a high ball. It drops but Distin is there to hack away ahead of Nolan. Noble heads the ball back into the box, but again it is cleared.

46: What a save! Baines cuts the ball back for Pienaar, whose side-foot effort is destined for the bottom corner before Adrian thrusts out a left hand and pushes the ball onto the post. Great save! Deulofeu's follow-up is straight at the goalkeeper, who catches under pressure from Naismith! Amazing stuff.

46: West Ham kick-off through Noble and Jarvis. The Barry header from Collins' long ball is straight to Taylor, who runs into space on the left before crossing. Howard catches.

Half-time score - Everton 0-0 West Ham United

According to the stats, Everton had 75 per cent of the ball in the opening half, with West Ham completing just 54 passes to the Toffees' 254. The home side also dominated in terms of shots (eleven to two) and corners (six to two), but the all-important stat is the scoreline, of course.

47: Jarvis' corner is too short, headed and then volleyed clear and the half-time whistle is blown. Well, Everton had the majority of the ball, but the chances were few in all honesty. Adrian made one good save from Naismith, while Deulofeu put an effort narrowly wide. Big Sam will be pleased with the scoreline and with how his team has defended. As the half went on, they started to carry more of an attacking threat, too. So far, so good.

46: Into one added minute as Jarvis is fouled by McCarthy. West Ham have a free-kick ten yards outside the box to the left. Noble and Downing stand over it. Come on you Irons! Demel controls at the far post and wins a corner off Baines. Last chance before the break...

44: The Hammers need to hold out until half-time. Pienaar gives them a hand to do so by mis-controlling Coleman's throw. Goal kick.

42: Carroll leaps and wins a header for Downing to run onto and win a free-kick. No ill-effects for the Big Man, it appears. Phew! Noble takes and Tomkins wins the header, but it bounces back across the face of goal and out for a goal kick. Howard boots it straight out for a West Ham throw.

41: Carroll is up and wanders to the touchline, where some magic spray is administered to his left foot. That is not the foot he injured in the summer. He then trots back on.

40: Carroll is down. Play goes on for a few seconds and Everton are on the attack. Pienaar collects about 35 yards out, then Mr Moss stops the game for Carroll to receive treatment. The Everton fans are not happy.

39: Deulofeu is on his game. He runs into space again and takes on and beats Collins before checking onto his left foot and curling a shot inches wide of the far post. Adrian was a spectator.

38: Deulofeu takes on Jarvis, who is now back on the West Ham left, and crosses low. Adrian is there to hold on diving low to his right. Good hands.

36: A bit of frankly awful centre circle pinball ends with Pienaar running into space. He tries to find Baines, but Downing tracks back superbly to concede a corner. Baines takes and Barry glances a header miles wide of the far post. Goal kick.

34: Corner to Everton as Tomkins puts Deulofeu's cross behind. Baines takes, Collins clears high into the air and Taylor shoulders the ball behind again. This one is taken short and worked to McCarthy, whose well-struck shot is blocked by a sliding Taylor. He loves a block, does Matty!

33: Chance. Demel finds Downing in space on the right and he runs at Distin before crossing low. Jarvis has lost Coleman, but he cannot connect. The ball hits the right-back and loops into Howard's arms. Fortunate escape for the hosts.

32: That's a collector's item. Guy Demel shoots from 25 yards. It is nowhere near threatening the target, however.

30: Jarvis pokes the ball past Stones, but Coleman is quick too and snuffs out the danger. West Ham then win a free-kick on halfway and it's lofted towards Carroll. He forces a mistake and Taylor's whipped cross is attacked by Nolan in front of Howard. The ball squirms clear and Everton clear as far as McCartney. He loses out, before Tomkins slides in. He appears to get the ball, but Mr Moss disagrees, gives a free-kick and books a disbelieving Tomkins.

28: Carroll is going to be on imminently... In fact, he is coming on now. Cole is the man replaced. I believe that is tactical. Big Sam shakes Cole's hand as he comes off.

27: Deulofeu takes on McCartney but the left-back again keeps his eye on the ball, takes it and brings it away. Superb defending from the Northern Irishman, really outstanding.

26: Jarvis and Downing have swapped flanks. Nolan collects a pass from Demel and gets to the byline with Distin for company. He digs out a cross, but Howard is there to catch.

25: Baines again, getting into the box and cutting back for Deulofeu. McCartney has tracked the run and blocks the No10's shot. Carroll is out warming-up, as is Nocerino.

23: Baines takes and Nolan heads back to the taker. He crosses again and the ball hits McCartney and goes behind. Tomkins and then Downing head this one out of the box, but Everton aren't done yet...

22: Baines plays a one-two and gets in behind Jarvis, but his cutback is cleared and when the ball is poked into the box again, Tomkins hacks out for a throw. From it, Everton get their first shot on goal away as Naismith beats the offside trap and works Adrian at the near post. He pushes the ball out for a corner.

19: Nolan is not happy at all. He thinks he has been fouled as he goes through the middle onto a Cole flick-on. Nothing is given by Mr Moss and Nolan waves his arms around and appeals to the assistant. I am not sure if the officials got that right or wrong, to be honest. I think it was Stones would was involved on the Everton side.

18: The atmosphere is very muted considering Everton are so strong at home. It's almost like they expect to score soon. Osman pokes an aimless through ball into Adrian's hands and there are some groans. Meanwhile, the away fans are singing away as usual.

16: Everton press again through Deulofeu, who has been the most likely player to create something so far. West Ham hold firm initially before Pienaar has a go from long-range. It's not very good. Goal kick.

15: McCarthy is back on after Taylor lofts the ball back to Howard from the throw-in.

14: A break in play as McCarthy takes a knock. He has the physio on and doesn't look too great following a challenge from Taylor.

12: Wow! McCartney heads the corner clear, Jarvis pokes the ball past his man and finds Downing on the left. He leads the counter before trying to find Taylor in the centre. Deulofeu just about gets back in time to slide the ball behind for a corner. From it, Everton have a chance! The clearance finds Deulofeu and he runs at the last man McCartney from halfway, but the No3 watches the ball closely before nicking from the Spaniard. Great defending, appreciated by the visiting supporters.

11: Everton's full-backs just don't stop coming forward. Coleman collects a pass from Osman and crosses to the far post, where Jarvis has to put the ball behind under pressure from Baines.

10: Roberto Martinez, in trademark brown brogues, is out on the edge of his technical area. Big Sam is still in his seat, enjoying the view.

8: A shot from West Ham. Nolan challenges Stones for a high ball. The clearance drops to Cole, who controls on his chest and slices a half-volley well wide from about 25 yards-plus.

7: It's been all Everton so far. Barry collects a square pass and is encouraged to run forward into space. He does and shoots from 25 yards, but drags it well wide of the post with his left foot. Adrian shouts at his colleagues.

5: Everton have Coleman at right-back, Baines at left-back and Stones right centre-back alongside Distin. In midfield, Deulofeu is wide right, Pienaar wide left, McCarthy and Barry sitting and Osman behind Naismith in attack. Cole tries to run Stones, but the former Barnsley man holds firm, to warm applause from the home fans.

4: A hopeful clearance has Tomkins back-pedalling and he has to concede a throw. From it, Everton work the ball to Baines, Osman flicks on with his head and Naismith glances a header across the face of goal. Everton retrieve the hurried clearance and Naismith pokes well wide from 18 yards. Good start from the hosts.

3: Tactically, West Ham are set up exactly as they have been in previous weeks. Demel and McCartney at full-back, Collins the right centre-half alongside Tomkins, Taylor sitting deep behind Noble and Nolan. Jarvis is wide right and Downing wide left of Cole.

2: The home side control matters in the early going and Pienaar tries to pick out Naismith inside the penalty area. He is held up by Collins and Nolan is back there to help out and clear.

3pm - Osman and Pienaar get the game underway.

2.59pm - Everton to kick-off. West Ham are attacking the Gwladys Street end...

2.57pm - You can view nearly 100 photos from today's game at Everton by clicking here. We have got fans here from all over the place! We've met supporters from Germany, Liverpool, Yorkshire and Italy already. Fantastic stuff, as always.

2.55pm - The them to 'Z Cars' rings out and that can mean only one thing - the teams are on their way out of the tunnel here at Goodison Park! It's a glorious day here, it really is. If you fancy getting yourself in the mood for today's game, check out our social media platforms by clicking on the link above. There, you will find dozens of images from in and around the ground.

2.05pm - The team news is in. West Ham are unchanged for a fourth game in succession. Andy Carroll is among the substitutes. For Everton, Belgian pair Lukaku and Mirallas are on the bench, as is England starlet Barkley. On-loan Barcelona attacker Gerard Deulofeu is handed a start, with Steven Naismith up front.

West Ham United: Adrian, Demel, McCartney, Collins, Tomkins, Taylor, Noble, Nolan (c), Downing, Jarvis, C.Cole
Subs: Jaaskelainen, Reid, Armero, J.Cole, Diame, Nocerino, Carroll

Everton: Howard, Coleman, Baines, Distin, Stones, McCarthy, Barry, Osman (c), Deulofeu, Pienaar, Naismith
Subs: Robles, Hibbert, McGeady, Mirallas, Lukaku, Barkley, Browning

1.55pm - Roberto Martinez has words of praise for Big Sam and West Ham in his matchday programme column: "After a run of conceding 17 goals in five games, Sam has managed to turn around the performances of the team into one goal conceded in the most recent five. They have accumulated 13 from a possible 15 points in the process and that is an incredible return by anyone's standards."

He is a nice man, is Roberto Martinez. Let's hope that incredible return is up to 16 from 18 by 5pm!

1.50pm - We will have the team news in about ten minutes. Will Andy Carroll start? Or will Carlton Cole keep his place? Guess your starting XI now on Twitter using #WHULINEUP and you could win a signed prize!

1.45pm - The Hammers are here! Before we get the team news, we have a few pre-match stats and facts for you to enhance your enjoyment of the game:

*Everton have won seven and lost none of their last eleven Barclays Premier League meetings with West Ham.
*Kevin Nolan has scored six goals in his last seven Barclays Premier League appearances.
*West Ham have conceded the highest proportion of Barclays Premier League goals from set pieces of any team this season (41%).
*Everton have kept just one clean sheet in their last 12 Premier League games, conceding exactly one goal in ten of those matches. In the other, they were beaten 4-0 in the Merseyside Derby at Liverpool.
*West Ham have kept more clean sheets than any other team in the Barclays Premier League (13), including four shut outs in their last five matches.
*Everton have conceded the joint-most penalties in the Premier League this season (six) alongside Crystal Palace.


Good afternoon and welcome to Goodison Park for today's Barclays Premier League fixture between Everton and West Ham United.

As every Hammers fan will know, the visitors are aiming for their fifth league win in succession for the first time in exactly eight years. The last time West Ham won five league matches in a row came in January/February 2006, when Alan Pardew's newly-promoted side won at Aston Villa, at home to Fulham, at Arsenal and at home to Sunderland and Birmingham City.

The team that ended that five-match winning run? Everton - courtesy of a 2-2 draw at the Boleyn Ground on 4 March 2006!

Just as they did then, West Ham have enjoyed a perfect February, scoring home wins over Swansea City, Norwich City and Southampton and an away success at Aston Villa.

Manager Sam Allardyce's cause has been boosted still further by the return of England centre forward Andy Carroll from a three-match suspension. However, Big Sam will have to choose between Carroll and in-form forward Carlton Cole, who scored against Southampton a week ago.

Should Cole get the nod, it may be that the manager is able to name an unchanged starting XI for the fourth game in succession.

Big Sam's only injury issues are the continued absence of Joey O'Brien (dislocated shoulder) and a doubt over Italy striker Marco Borriello (calf).

For Everton, who are unbeaten at home to West Ham since December 2005, manager Roberto Martinez may ring the changes as the Toffees have lost three of their last four Premier League games - albeit away at Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

A statistic that will be more encouraging for Martinez is the fact that Everton have lost just one of their last 21 Premier League games at Goodison Park, winning 15 of them. The Toffees have lost just one of their 13 home league games this term.

The Spaniard will be able to call upon Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku, who scored the winner in the reverse fixture in east London last September, but giant striker Lacina Traore and England centre-back Phil Jagielka are out with hamstring issues.