World Cup Countdown - Mark Noble

Hammer of the Year Mark Noble believes how well England adapt to the conditions will prove key to the Three Lions' chances at this summer's FIFA World Cup.

Roy Hodgson's men kick-off their campaign on Saturday in the tropical city of Manaus, having attempted to acclimatise with two warm-up games in Miami.

Noble says the humidity could prove decisive, and England need to stand up to the test.

He said: "I'll be on holiday, but if I get to watch it I will, and it's always exciting when you see everyone get geared up for it.

"It'll be tough for England, because it's in Brazil and it's a different climate but I'm hoping they go there and give the country a good showing.

"They've got good players, you need some luck along the way and hopefully they'll get that.

"The heat will play a massive part. I've played in climates like that before and it does drain you.

"It will be a tough tournament but hopefully we can come out of it well."

As for the overall winners, Noble believes there won't be too many surprises, and he is looking forward to seeing how England's youngsters get on.

He added: "I think you have to fancy the usual countries - Germany, Spain, Brazil the hosts, and Argentina.

"I hope Adam Lallana gets a chance. He's played well this year, and then there's the players like Rooney, Sturridge, Gerrard - they're the English ones, and you also hope that Neymar and Messi light up the tournament too."