Crest consultation update

Following the launch of West Ham United's online crest poll, there has been much talk of the crest's 3D presentation in the reveal video. 

The 3D form of the crest will primarily be used across digital platforms, while the following flat, single-colour variations will be more commonly seen on merchandise and the like, including the playing shirt.    

West Ham United crest

West Ham United crest

Elsewhere, the two shades of claret seen in the video are a graphical representation of the HMS Warrior's bow, the inspiration behind the new crest shape. However, they will only ever be visible in a 3D form and this is not how the crest will appear in the majority of its applications.

As the above variations show, the two shades do not apply to single colour versions of the crest, nor to the more traditional flat crest.

The proposed crest has been carefully designed to be adaptable with a variety of colour applications and will follow a colour palette that has represented the Club's historic colours since 1900.

That said, the Club is still fully absorbing feedback and, should there be overall support for the direction of the crest, these factors can be considered and potentially incorporated ahead of producing final brand guidelines. 

The original presentation video documenting the Club's extensive research can be viewed here, while supporters can also refer to the summary of consultation results and the Club's wide-ranging Q+A.