Dicks: 'I like the badge!'

Uncompromising though he was on the pitch, straight-talking Julian Dicks needed no convincing where West Ham United's proposed new crest was concerned.

An advocate of simplicity, Dicks was instantly taken by the new design and pleased to see the famous crossed hammers given the prominence they deserve.

A legend in his own right, the newly-appointed West Ham United Ladies manager was also proud of the recognition of the Club's Thames Ironworks beginnings.

"I like it," he told whufc.com. "It's quite plain but you've still got the crossed hammers and you've got the inscription of the Thames Ironworks. I think it's a nice badge. It's clean and simple, just like me!

"Of course the crossed hammers are important to me. That's what West Ham are all about, it's the crossed hammers and they've still got them on the badge, which is good.

"When you hear West Ham are changing the badge, you think 'hang on a minute' - but for me, I do like the badge, it's plain and it's still got the crossed hammers in there. As long as it's got West Ham on there, that's all that matters really!"

Supporters with a ticket purchase history aged 16 and over can register their vote on the crest here.