We All Follow The West Ham - Sweden

20-year-old Swedish Hammer Kevin Stromberg decided to support the Hammers after hearing from his dad about the Club's famous history.

"It all started when I found a picture of Alvin Martin and a West Ham scarf that belonged to my dad back in the 1980s.

"After that, when my dad started telling me more about West Ham through the years and it made me want to look them up online more often.

"I loved watching videos and communicating with other supporters, as well as their history that my dad told me about.

"Then there is the claret and blue. Who doesn't like those colours?"

Over in Sweden, Stromberg is part of two West Ham supporters clubs, joining the Scandinavian Hammers to celebrate their 25th birthday at Upton Park last year.

"I am currently a part of both the Scandinavian Hammers and the West Ham Supporters of Sweden.

"I joined the Scandinavian Hammers around two years ago, and the West Ham Supporters of Sweden around five years ago.

"When the Scandinavian Hammers recently celebrated their 25th anniversary at the Boleyn Ground, I joined them at the stadium and got the chance to meet Julian Dicks and George Parris."

Like many overseas supporters' clubs, the Scandinavian Hammers meet up regularly to watch English football matches, and Stromberg feels that Swedish football just isn't to the same standard.

"I currently watch all of the West Ham games on the television back home in Sweden, or on my phone if I unfortunately have to miss it.

"I think that the Premier League is a much tougher and faster league compared to Swedish football. Also, the passion of the fans is much stronger too in England.

"In my opinion, the Premier League is the best league in the world."

Stromberg took his support to a new level back in September 2009 when he flew over to London from his home nation to watch the Hammers live from the stands. Despite the disappointing result, it was a memorable moment for the 20-year-old.

"The first time that I came to England to watch West Ham live from the Boleyn Ground was back in September 2009 when we lost 3-0 to Liverpool.

"Sure, losing 3-0 wasn't very nice but it was the first time that I was able to go to Upton Park, which was a great experience.

"Since then, I've tried to come over once or twice every season."

On that debut visit to the home of the Hammers, Stromberg took the time to help a fellow supporter who was struggling with the correct lyrics for the Club's anthem.

"It was funny actually that I was at my first game and sitting close to me was a man that did not know the lyrics for 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'.

"I had to sit there with him and sing the song with him so he knew the words."

Despite the Hammers struggling in the first half of the season, Stromberg believes that the recent return of striker Andy Carroll will inject the spark of enthusiasm that can keep the club up.

"I think that now Andy Carroll is back, he will be able to do some damage in the penalty box when crosses come in from the wings.

"We have had a tough time since the beginning of the season, but I believe that the team will keep fighting to win the points that will keep us in the Premier League."