Chadwell Chatter

Hello everyone,

I must say, the performances of Adrian in recent matches have been a source of great pride for me.

It is all about the team, but goalkeepers do pride themselves on keeping clean sheets, as do the outfield players. To be fair, he has been there week-in, week-out, when we've needed him to make important saves, he has made them. As a goalkeeper, that's what you're judged on.

Obviously, you might not be doing a lot for most of the game, so when you're called upon, you need to be switched on and ready and able to make saves.

Adrian's decisions tactically have pleased me - how he has defended the goal and he's taken on board things that we've been speaking about and working on. He's certainly a star performer at the moment and he's taken his chance brilliantly.

A lot of the foreign goalkeepers have a different mentaility - they either catch or their objective is to get the ball as far away from the goal as they can. He does that very well. He works hard, when he doesn't catch, so that the ball goes into 'safe' areas, as we call them. That's part and parcel of his game and he does it super.

I went out to watch Adrian three times in Spain last season and the manager came with me on the last occasion. A lot of people wouldn't realise that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get a player like Adrian to the Football Club. We put the groundwork in and we managed to bring him here for nothing, which is a bonus from the Club's point of view.

We knew he was an outstanding talent and an outstanding young 'keeper and I think he's proving that now of late.

He's mentally really strong, beyond his years, and he will get better and better. It's important as a goalkeeper and massively helps you if the fans are behind you. It's a difficult position because the crowd can give you stick, but he has policed that situation brilliantly. The fans have responded to him magnificently, which helps him massively. With the backing of the supporters and his team-mates, everyone can see he has grown into the position game by game.

We've still got lots more to come from Adrian.

I can't speak any higher of Jussi Jaaskelainen and his attitude - that's why he is still in the game at the age of 39, nearly 40. Obviously he is disappointed that he isn't playing, but to be fair to him, he's been absolutely first-class. He has supported Adrian every step of the way and tried to mentor him, also.

My heart goes out to Jussi for not playing, but his attitude and his application have been fantastic, as has his support of Adrian. He deserves a lot of credit.

Finally, Stephen Henderson has had a difficult time with a serious injury - a dislocated shoulder - and he has done well to come back a little bit ahead of schedule, which we're very pleased about.

As a goalkeeper coach, I'm thrilled with the goalkeepers we have at senior level at this Football Club. We have Adrian and Jussi and, in my opinion, Hendo is a top-class young goalkeeper too. He has a big future ahead of him, then we have young Raphael Spiegel who people know about and his potential is frightening.

From my point of view, I'm very excited!