Roberta Moore hails Boleyn plans

Roberta Moore, daughter of West Ham United and England's legendary captain, Bobby, is pleased to see that the Club's presence at the Boleyn Ground is being protected as part of the new development.

Galliard Group have plans to name the central area of the development after Roberta's father and the site will have new sculptures and works of art dedicated to West Ham's most famous players and games.

"The move away from the Boleyn Ground is always going to be a sensitive and emotive topic for West Ham United and its fans and it is one with which I empathise and totally understand," Roberta said. "That's why I was pleased to learn about Galliard Homes' plans to recognise the Club's contribution to the history of Upton Park.

"I have always believed that there should be some form of permanent West Ham United presence at the Boleyn Ground site after the team leave and I'm really pleased that they plan to name the centre point of the development in honour of my father."

Galliard Group's plans would see a central open space named 'The Bobby Moore Memorial Gardens' become the focal point of the development. Roberta hopes that it will serve as a permanent reminder of the Hammers' time at the Boleyn Ground.

"I would love to see the Bobby Moore Memorial Gardens become a place that Hammers fans can visit to share their memories of watching the team at the Boleyn Ground.

"Hopefully the new sculptures and buildings being proposed will also help ensure that a lasting legacy to the Club, my father and his team-mates are left at the site."

Development on the new site will begin after West Ham United have made the short trip to make the Olympic Stadium its new home in 2016. While Roberta admits it will be an emotional time for everyone connected with the Club, she is looking forward to what the move can do for West Ham.

"The Upton Park area will always have a special place in West Ham United fans' hearts but time moves on and I am excited about the move to West Ham's new home in 2016. I know my father would have been very proud about calling such a venue as the Olympic Stadium West Ham United's home."