Sheringham loving life at the Hammers

Teddy Sheringham is loving life back at the Hammers - as his coaching charges follow in his footsteps by finding the back of the net at the Boleyn Ground.

Sheringham is no stranger to the good times here at West Ham. He's witnessed the bad times too, of course. But he reflects fondly on the instrumental role he played in the Championship play-off final success in 2005 - and a year later, when he returned to Cardiff as part of Alan Pardew's team that were just moments away from winning the FA Cup.

He uses both experiences as a reminder to the players that they must savour the special moments while they can.

"It was fantastic," he says. "I was a supporter as a young boy and would watch games in the North Bank. So to a get chance to play for West Ham late in my career was great. And here I am again, working for them which is lovely too.

"Looking back, I had great memories. It was a good time for the club really. Alan Pardew was doing a very good job and there was a real buzz.

"I wasn't a major part of it but the FA Cup run was special. To have pulled that off would have been amazing, especially having the chance to beat Liverpool. We were so close to doing that and it would have been a major feat. But it wasn't to be.

"So, I say to a lot of the players to enjoy it when things are going well because you have a lot of bad times in football.

"They need to enjoy the camaraderie you do get when you get a good club because there can be moments in football where you don't enjoy going into work."

Sheringham has saluted his boss Sam Allardyce for leading the Hammers to a fine start to the season, helping to ensure that West Ham is a harmonious place to be.

He added: "I think Sam has been fantastic. I couldn't have asked to work with a better boss for my first real impression of what managerial life is like. He's been very open with me and I've got the utmost respect for that.

"He's very experienced and in a nice place at the moment here at the club, which adds to a nice atmosphere around the place."