Andy Carroll injury update

West Ham United can confirm that Andy Carroll has suffered an injury to his plantar fascia.

The Club will ensure Carroll is given the best possible treatment to aid with his recovery and will seek expert advice from specialists around the world.

There is no timescale as to a possible return yet, although the injury is not as serious as in the last instance.

Hammers boss Sam Allardyce said: "It's the same type of injury but in a different area. It is not an Achilles injury, as has been suggested but instead it involves the band of tissue which runs under the foot.

"According to the specialist the chance of a recurrence of that type of injury is about four per cent but unfortunately for Andy he was one of the unlucky ones.

"We had been very cautious, very patient with him along the way and it's sad this has happened for him as well as us.

"He doesn't need an operation but we need to give the foot time to re-heal, continue the rehab and get him back in training again."