Carroll's training diary

West Ham United striker Andy Carroll is working hard at his training camp in Belgium as he continues his recovery from a plantar fasciitis injury.

To keep Hammers fans updated on his progress, the England international has kept a diary of his gruelling sessions with expert physical therapist Lieven Maesschalck, who has previously worked with Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, tennis player Yanina Wickmayer and cyclist Jelle Vanendert. No date has been set for the West Ham No9's return, but the medical team are pleased with his progress thus far.

Andy's training diary is carried exclusively here on Check back tomorrow for exclusive pictures of Andy's training regime.

Monday 23 September

My first day of working with Lieven Maesschalck from movetocure here in Antwerp. He is a specialist who has worked with several top-class athletes in all sports and will be putting me through different sessions over the next week or so.

Today included starting off with a first session of strength work in the gym - exercises and movement to build up the muscles in my leg.

After this session, I go into the pool and start to do deep water walking - Lieven is very encouraging and although my body is absolute bits by the end of it all, it will all be worth it when I'm back on the pitch.

Tuesday 24 September

I wake early and although things are a bit painful, I am told that is to be expected after my first day of this intense work. It was tough but that is good and I have been told as the days go on, it will all feel better.

I go into the gym again for the first session, where I will do more strengthening work on the muscles in my leg that will then work the muscles in my foot and heel.

A quick break and then it is time for my second session of the day, where I do more walking in water. Lieven says this will be leading to running movements in the water later in the week.

I check in with the lads back home - it's great to hear we beat Cardiff City in the Capital One Cup and we are through to the next round. It's a big boost to know we won.

Wednesday 25 September

It's my third day in and everything is getting a good workout since I have come off my crutches. I do feel it slowly feeling better and so that gives me a boost as I know today's double sessions will be tough and intense again.

I speak to some of the lads by text, they are all being supportive and although I can't wait to be back amongst them all at the training ground, they're still including me in all the banter so no there's no escape from that!

I have another session in the gym - a lot of work at the moment is repetitive but I am told that is all to do with building strength and the stronger my leg becomes the better it is for my foot and heel.

Thursday 26 September

An early session begins in the gym and the strengthening work is continuing and Lieven is pleased with how my muscles are responding to the work we are doing. He says that while it is intense, it will help to make the muscles stronger to take on more each day.

I have another session in the pool in the afternoon and more deep water walking, which by tomorrow and the start of next week will be running movements in the water.

I do actually feel it being stronger but know I have to take it day by day, I am just happy that it feels better. I will soon be getting a visit from medical staff from West Ham - physio Jon Urwin will be coming over again next week and the club doctor is also monitoring how I am doing and will be visiting.

Friday 27 September

Another early start with the strength exercises and movements I am doing, followed by pool work where I get to step up to deep water running. It is all done in steady movements but I am really enjoying it. Lieven said I had a great session so I'm happy with that!

He reminds me that there is only one "tool" that is going to be my biggest help and that is my body and although my whole body does feel like it has been through a tough week, I know during these last few days, it is getting and feeling that bit stronger.

I am told I will be given some rest time over the weekend for the muscles and this is all part of the schedule, to allow my body to recover from the intensity of the work.

I am looking forward to chatting to some of the lads and will be wishing them all the best for Saturday's game at Hull City.

Monday 30 September

It's a shame we lost up at Hull City on Saturday. I was following the game and it is frustrating when there is nothing you can do while you are out injured. I know the lads are all positive and we're a good side so the results will come. We're creating the chances so we are going the right way.

Back in the gym early doors this morning with Lieven to start my second week of working those muscles again! Since last Monday, I can definitely feel a difference so hopefully onwards and upwards today.

He's introduced a few more exercises including lunging while attached to these cords on a pulley that pulls me back. Then we do some floor exercises, again all based toward the strengthening of the muscles in my leg, which then in turn make the foot and heel stronger.

Tuesday 1 October

After the early morning session of strengthening work, I am off to the pool again now for my second session and I am getting to enjoy this deep water running!

I just want to say a big thanks to all our fans that are sending me good luck and supportive messages. It means a lot and I am looking to be back as soon as I can to do my bit for the team. I'll be keeping in touch with the lads all this week as I know they're all really looking forward to playing Spurs on Sunday.

Come on you Irons!