Comic Relief Keepy-Uppy Challenge

West Ham United's Development Squad donned Red Noses as they went head-to-head in a Comic Relief Keepy-Uppy Challenge.

With reputations at stake, West Ham's young guns were challenged to see how many keepy-uppys they could do with a tennis ball, with each player making a donation to the cause for the privilege. 

Sixteen brave entrants took to the floor, including manager Nick Haycock, with varying degrees of success. Blair Turgott also took charge of a camcorder to catch the whole event on camera!

A confident George Moncur set the early pace, with a respectable 36, only for Leo Chambers to steal top spot with 39. Brazilian goal-getter Wellington Paulista looked set for a big tally, as he stylishly waltzed into the 20s, before coming a cropper on 26.

Honourable mentions go to Kieran Bywater and skipper Callum Driver, who managed three, Capital One Cup finalist Turgott, who mustered just two, and Irishman Sean Maguire, who fell at the first hurdle.

Leo Chambers

Blair Turgott interviews champion Leo Chambers

Though Chambers gladly accepted his crown, a miffed Moncur stormed back into the gym with new footwear, intent on recording a ton. After umpteen failed efforts, he finally racked up a none-too shabby 150.

But cool as you like, American playmaker Sebastian Lletget then joined the mix, boasting of registering an amazing 260 in his living room the previous evening. Off he went and duly put his team-mates to shame with a cool 188 at the first time of asking!

Sebastian Lletget

Sebastian Lletget set an all-comers record of 188 keepy-uppys!