Matt on the mend

Matt Taylor is on the mend after suffering concussion in Saturday's Barclays Premier League victory at Stoke City.

The No14 was caught on the jaw by Peter Crouch's right boot when he bravely headed the ball clear as the Potters striker attempted an acrobatic overhead kick.

Taylor was knocked out by the impact and there were initial concerns all-round when the midfielder lay prone on the Britannia Stadium turf. However, thanks to the rapid actions of the players, referee and medical staff, the 31-year-old was tended to quickly.

After being driven home by club doctor Dr Richard Weiler, Taylor spent the remainder of the weekend resting at home before returning to Chadwell Heath for further assessment  The official website checked up on his wellbeing on Tuesday and was delighted to hear that he is feeling a lot better.

Matt, first things first, how are you?

MT: "I'm OK. I'm not too bad. My head is fine and I'm feeling a lot better. It's the first time I have been knocked out in my career, or in my life for that matter, that I can recall. If it was going to happen anywhere, then on a football pitch is not a bad place because of all the medical staff being there. It was a good place for it to happen, if it was going to happen."

We have all seen the footage and the photographs of what looked like a horrible impact with Peter Crouch's right boot, but what is your recollection of what happened?

MT: "I don't have any recollection of heading the ball. My only memory I have is the ball going over my head [from the corner] and following my runner. I then remember waking up in their treatment room on the treatment table. I don't have any other memory. I don't remember walking off or anything, which was a bit scary."

It just shows that you will literally put your head on the line for the cause...

MT: "I don't remember going for the ball, but I have seen the video and it's something that I had to go for. It's not something I couldn't do in terms of going for the header. I don't think there is anyone else in the league who would have tried an overhead kick from there, but Crouchy is obviously very good at them and it might have hit the target.

"It was just one of those things and he clearly didn't mean to do it. There was no malice on his behalf. It was just one of those occupational hazards. I know Crouchy and played for England Under-21s with him and he came to see me afterwards, but I'd already left for home with the doctor. There was no malice and you could see that, as soon as it happened, he held his hands up and was very apologetic so I don't hold any grudges. It's just one of those things."

Matt Taylor

What was the medical process after the incident?

MT: "Their doctor and one of our physios sat with me for about 40 minutes until just after half-time and I felt a lot better. I just laid on the bed there. It was ironic because Jack [Collison] scored and, where we were, we heard a roar and thought Stoke had scored. One of the guys then came in and said we were 1-0 up and I thought 'Oh good!'.

"I let the manager do his team talk and lads go back out for the second half and then I had a shower and went out to watch the game from the dugout. I had a headache, but not a big one. I slept for an hour and a half in the car on the way home, so I wasn't great company for the doctor! I put the seat back and went straight to sleep which, by all accounts, is quite normal after such an incident.

"We got home and ordered a Chinese because I really fancied one, but I couldn't eat any of it because my jaw was so sore, which was a bit of a pain! My wife was eating her dinner and I could only eat the noodles! It was the same on Sunday and Monday and I managed to eat a little bit more on Tuesday.

"Seeing the incident again, I was very fortunate that I don't have any lasting head damage. I feel fine and it is just a protocol to follow now to get back training. Obviously with no game this weekend, I can take my time and get fit to return to training next week, all things being well."

It was a worrying scene for all of us at the Britannia Stadium, so presumably it would have been the same for your family and friends?

MT: "I don't have any recollection of this, but as soon as it happened I am told I asked Frazer Young the physio to get my phone and call my wife. My Dad and my sister were at the game and the fact that I wobbled off the pitch, they probably thought I was OK. The fact I wasn't stretchered off and I was laughing and joking made it seem less serious.

"I couldn't answer any of the questions that the medical team asked me because the concussion had knocked me about a bit. I didn't have the correct answers so that was the end of the game for me, but I can only commend everybody and hopefully there won't be any lasting damage."

Lastly, although you were only on the pitch for eleven minutes, you must be delighted with the result you achieved at Stoke?

MT: "It's a fantastic result. I text Jack on Saturday night as I was over the moon for him for scoring and playing well. Jack is a really nice guy and a good footballer, but he's had a difficult few months so I'm genuinely really happy that he came on and scored the winning goal. It showed a lot about the sort of character he has got and what he brings to the team.

"It's a fantastic result for everybody and now we have a nice trip to Chelsea to look forward to. Let's hope we can be the first team this season to do the 'double' over Chelsea as that would be nice."