Big Sam on: Liverpool

Sam Allardyce believes stopping in-form Luis Suarez will be vital to West Ham United stopping Liverpool on Saturday.

The Hammers travel to Anfield hoping to achieve their first win at the home of the Reds since September 1963, but the goal-hungry Suarez is likely to prove a major barrier to their ambitions.

The Uruguayan has netted 13 goals in just nine Barclays Premier League appearances this season, including four in Wednesday's 5-1 home win over Norwich City.

Sam, how will you go about stopping Liverpool?

"After their magnificent recovery from their defeat by Hull City last weekend, obviously Luis Suarez is the man. If you can control him like Hull did, I think you have a 50 per cent better chance of getting a result, maybe even more.

"Certainly if you can't control Luis Suarez, on what you saw the other night against Norwich, it's certainly going to be one where he is rattling the goals in. When you consider he has been suspended before he started playing again, to be top scorer in the Barclays Premier League shows he is the main man at Liverpool at the moment.

"Our result at Liverpool last season was focused on the form of James Collins and James Tomkins, who stopped Luis Suarez being what he normally is, and we ended up getting a very creditable nil-nil draw. As many other good players as Liverpool have and as good a team as they are, which is a better one that last season, he is still proving to be the main man to turn a game from a draw into a win.

"When you go there on the back of the four goals he scored in a 5-1 win, it makes life even more difficult, but we have to take up the challenge to try to nullify his great talent."

How did you stop Suarez last year and how will you go about stopping him again on Saturday?

"The first way is to try to stop the service he thrives on, so it's the players in front of our defenders who will be one of the key elements. As a team, we need to work on closing the opposition down and stopping their really good passers from providing the service that he needs.

"Of course, when we are in possession, we can't give the ball away too easily because Luis Suarez can't play if we've got possession. We have to do as much as we can when we've got the ball."

Where does Suarez rank in the list of all-time Premier League greats?

"Well, he's starting to be one of the best, isn't he? His goalscoring on top of his excellent ability to pick the ball up and dribble past players come from his commitment, because he is never still. He's always on the move, looking to find the ball or find space behind defenders.

"He's a constant menace to defenders because he is always looking to pounce on a mistake or get into a space to get on the ball and get a shot away."

Ravel Morrison is suspended for Saturday after picking up his fifth booking at Crystal Palace on Tuesday. Have you spoken to him about his actions at Selhurst Park?

"He has gone through the normal procedure after showing dissent in a game. That is dealt with by a laid-out regulation at the Club, as well as the on-field discipline scenario.

"For Ravel, he is a young man who loses his cool at times, as many young talented players have done over the years, so he knows not to do that thing again."

What's the very latest on Andy Carroll's treatment?

"He is training and being assessed on a daily basis with the medical staff here and one of the experts from Holland has joined him to move things forward as quickly as possible.

"Basically, he'll be doing more and more with the ball now. He'll keep doing the strength and conditioning work he has been doing, but it'll be more about getting on the field with the ball at more intense levels as he goes along. Everything is monitored by how Andy feels at the end of each session. That's a great indicator and hopefully he can step up his training on a daily basis.

"Like everything else, we'll get him back as quick as we possibly can, but my position is to take a sensible view. We're in a difficult position at the minute but I can't panic into putting Andy in too quickly. It's my responsibility to make sure he is there to stay when he comes back onto the field, and not just one or two games.

"Andy will want to play quicker than he should and I'll have to calm him down until the specialist says it's time for him to get in and amongst it again. Hopefully he'll then have an impact when he returns.

"In the position we're in at the moment, it's extremely tough to resist putting him in. I'd like to put him on the bench at Liverpool, but that would be rather stupid. Yes, I'd love to have him available and would love to have had him available over the last few weeks, but the rest of the team need to maintain their confidence and do a bit more of what they did against Fulham - perform well and win."