Olympic Stadium update

I would like to start by thanking the thousands of you who have taken the time to engage with YouGov's Olympic Stadium consultation, which launched on Tuesday.

Those of you that have given up your time have already played a vital role in shaping the next steps on the journey to Stratford. The depth and range of the questions are such that we will have a thorough understanding of your opinions and this will help determine our priorities for the coming weeks, months and years.

The consultation period closes at midnight on Tuesday 30 April and I would urge anyone who is eligible to participate to do so before the deadline. If you are not sure if you qualify, you can find all of the details here.

Just a reminder that the consultation is open to ANY Season Ticket Holder, Bond Holder and Corporate Member. We sent an email invitation to everyone that we held details for on our database but you do not need the email to take part in the survey. All you need to do is follow the link in this story and enter your name and the postcode that we held for you as of 11 April.

Whilst the poll is crucial to establish the overall appetite for the move, it's also really important to us that we gather as much information as possible from the consultation, both to maximise the opportunity of gaining supporter insight from the YouGov team but also to make sure we are provided with meaningful information that we can act upon.

It will guide us on the areas you are most excited about to help us develop them, but it will also help us to understand where your concerns lie and this is crucial so we can work to address them.

When the poll concludes, YouGov have informed us that they will spend a considerable amount of time analysing the results before providing us with a summary of the key stats, which we will publish on whufc.com.

I have been overwhelmed this week by the hundreds of emails I have been sent thanking me for the presentation we released on Youtube and our website last week. It seems our commitment to proactively get as much information out to you as possible is being appreciated. There are still questions coming in so I have released another of my weekly Q+A's here, which covers the most common queries from the last seven days.

The new image of the east 'Kop' style stand (see below) also seems to have also been well received. I am pleased that you are finally getting the chance to see some of the more detailed aspects of the move that we fought so hard to secure during the negotiation period, but were unable to discuss because of the confidentiality agreements.

I know there are many more areas that we can still help to shape by working with you, as I know we all share the common goal of making the Olympic Stadium a truly world-class new home for West Ham United.

Thank-you again.

Karren Brady

Karren Brady


Olympic Stadium East Stand 'Kop'