West Ham United 2-2 Man Utd FT




Final score - West Ham United 2-2 Manchester United

95 mins - Vaz Te concedes a goal kick, but that should be it. De Gea takes it short and the final whistle is blown. West Ham led twice and Manchester United's second equaliser was offside, but we'd have taken a point beforehand. It means the Hammers climb above Southampton into eleventh. We'll be at home again to Wigan Athletic on Saturday, but before then don't forget we'll have exclusive reaction on West Ham TV and whufc.com. Thanks for joining us tonight for what was a proper ding-dong game of football.

94 mins - Into the final minute and Reid wins a free-kick. Collins will launch this long. From here, West Ham shouldn't lose...

93 mins - Jaaskelainen shouts loudly as he comes to collect an overhit through ball. Collins leaves it for the Finn.

92 mins - Brilliant defending from Carroll to deny Hernandez. West Ham then break and a slip by a defender, Ferdinand, allows Taylor a run at goal. He takes a touch or two before rifling his shot high into the stand.

91 mins - Into FOUR added minutes and the visitors win a corner. Van Persie takes and Carroll thunders the header upfield. Jarvis forces his man to pass back to De Gea.

89 mins - Jaaskelainen is out quickly to smother on the edge of his box. West Ham attack and Taylor finds Collison with a fine reverse pass down the right. Collison's cross hits the defender. Shouts for handball, but I don't think that was deliberate. West Ham work the ball to Collison again, but his cross hits a defender and then Collison before rolling out for a goal kick.

88 mins - Rafael just does not stop running. He is like the bunny that used to advertise a certain brand of batteries.

87 mins - Van Persie has a sight of goal from 30 yards but he slices it and the shot screws away into the West Ham fans behind the goal. Van Persie smiles ruefully.

85 mins - Collins' free-kick holds up in the wind, but Carroll comes shorter to turn the ball forward. It comes down and Taylor swings a leg but hardly makes any contact. De Gea collects.

84 mins - Good interplay down the Manchester United right leads to a corner off O'Brien. Collison does well to get to Van Persie's corner first before slapping the ball up the left touchline for Jarvis, who is fouled.

82 mins - A double change. Nolan and Diame are replaced by Matt Taylor and Jack Collison.

82 mins - Close again. Hernandez makes a diagonal run across Collins and flicks the header down at the near post. Jaaskelainen is there again and makes the save. Tonight's attendance is 34,692.

81 mins - Jaaskelainen makes a routine save low to his right from a downward header. West Ham need to get hold of the ball for a while. They are looking a little tired after doing a lot of running tonight and in their past two away games.

80 mins - This is a big ten minutes for West Ham. A point would still be a decent result against the runaway leaders, of that there is no doubt.

77 mins - GOAL! Van Persie strikes again. Kagawa's shot hits both posts and the Dutchman converts high into the net from close range, but he was offside when the Japan midfielder let fly. The goal should have been disallowed, I believe. Anyway, it isn't and we're level.

76 mins - Rafael adds an extra man to the attack with a clever run inside that Jarvis doesn't track. The ball eventually falls to Giggs on the edge of the box, but on his right foot. He feeds the ball into the net, but West Ham clear.

75 mins - Good football from a throw involving Vaz Te, Nolan and Demel before the latter pokes a cross high for Jarvis. He does well to win a throw on the far side following a battle of the giants with Rafael. Unfortunately, it comes to nothing.

73 mins - Collison goes for a jog along the touchline accompanied by Pogatetz and Carlton Cole.

71 mins - Rafael cuts in from the left edge of the penalty area but his left-foot shot is high and over the top. Before the re-start, Rooney is replaced by Ryan Giggs. It is Giggs' 936th appearance tonight. A club record. That is an amazing tally, it really is.

69 mins - Jussi's at it again. Van Persie rises above Collins and powers in the header that the goalkeeper does brilliantly to claw over the cross bar with his left hand. The corner is cleared over to the near side.

68 mins - It's O'Neil who is replaced. I wouldn't have called that one, but then I'm not the manager! The No32 has put in a decent performance tonight, as he has done in each of the last seven matches.

66 mins - Noble is called back to the dugout. West Ham need to hold firm as they've started to give the ball away a bit too often again. Rafael then allows it under his foot and out for a throw. Sir Alex is sat in his chair, arms folded.

65 mins - Mark Noble is warming up now. Will one of the front three or a midfielder be replaced soon?

63 mins - The job is far from done, though. Manchester United win a corner. Van Persie curls it in low, Rooney meets it unchallenged with a shot which Jaaskelainen spills. He should save it, but the ball squirts through his hands and is on the line as O'Neil hacks clear! What drama!

62 mins - Fantastic hold up play from Carroll, who comes back, controls, turns and sweeps the ball wide right for Vaz Te with a curling pass. He has been at it tonight, has the England centre forward.

61 mins - The visitors have three substitutes warming up on the touchline.

59 mins - Nolan has a half-chance but loses out and Rafael leads the charge. He streaks over halfway and plays the ball wide right for Valencia, who crosses first-time on the run. Van Persie meets the volley and Jaaskelainen makes a world-class save with his left foot. Van Persie is flagged offside, but that kind of spoils it because that was a superb stop.

59 mins - Manchester United probing for a second equaliser but Collins stands firm on the edge of the box.

58 mins - That really was something special from Diame. He spanked it. Absolutely spanked it into the net from about 20 yards with his left foot.

55 mins - GOAL! WHAT A GOAL! DIAME! Vaz Te finds Demel with a backheel flick wide by the left touchline. He plays the ball inside to Diame, who turns to his left, loses the attention of his man and rifles a curling left-foot shot that flies low past De Gea. That was some goal, it really was. Two smashing goals from the Hammers tonight.

52 mins - He's in the mood is the big man. The ball drops to him from Nolan's header and he shoots as the ball bounces. It dips just wide with De Gea scrambling to his left. Some of the fans think it's in as the ball clips the side-netting. Loud cheers of approval and a song for Carroll from the home fans. He's really endearing himself to the Hammers fans, is Carroll.

50 mins - The Hammers have got their rhythm back. Vidic has to stand firm twice and Manchester United hold firm. A third cross comes in and loops into the air. De Gea collects and takes the ball down in front of Carroll. The striker cannot move and loses his balance. The ball drops out and Nolan lashes it into the net. Mr Probert decides it's a foul by Carroll and books him for persistent fouling. Replays show there is nothing Carroll could really do.

48 mins - West Ham this time. A cross comes in from the left from Jarvis's right foot. Nolan goes up and Vidic wins the header. If Nolan had, that would have been 2-1. Head in hands from the skipper.

46 mins - Thirty seconds into the half and the Red Devils come close to taking the lead. Rooney's lofted diagonal is headed down by Van Persie, but Jones cannot adjust. His shot bounces and Reid hacks clear. Thank goodness that wasn't the other way around!

Manchester United are out first for the second half. No changes from Sir Alex Ferguson, as you might expect. A couple of minutes later, the Hammers arrive. The visitors will get us back underway.

Half-time score - West Ham United 1-1 Manchester United

49 mins - The physios go off and, now, so do the players. It's half-time. If you'd told me we'd be level at the break, I'd have taken that all day long.

46 mins - Rooney is in there to block Carroll, I fancy. Anyway, the referee spots something and speaks to the England striker and Carroll, and Vidic. It's like Jackanory. O'Neil takes the corner and De Gea punches clear from inside his own penalty area. Evra is also down. Carroll caught the goalkeeper with his head under De Gea's chin. That looked a little painful. Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't like it. He's up waving his arms about in the technical area.

45 mins - West Ham win a free-kick on halfway. We're into the first of one added minute! Collins lifts the ball in and it flicks off a Manchester United head for a corner. Rooney and Vidic are BOTH marking Carroll!

44 mins - A penalty shout as Nolan holds the ball up from Collins ball into feet. He goes down as Ferdinand closes him down from behind. Nothing given by Mr Probert. Manchester United try to take advantage on the break. Carroll sprints back 80 yards to help out the defence, but he is not needed as Jaaskelainen claims the cross.

42 mins - Momentary panic as Van Persie gets into space between the midfield and back four. Collins gambles and slides, but Van Persie neatly sidesteps the No19. Thankfully, his shot is blocked by Demel. West Ham break and Jarvis pops up on the right. He finds Demel, whose cross finds the head of Carroll 12 yards out. It's on target, but De Gea collects on the bounce with ease.

39 mins - Heads being shaken all round as Vidic treads on the ball on halfway and falls over. Carroll prods it out and continues his run, but Vaz Te doesn't get enough on the return and Ferdinand cuts it out. I'm not sure if he'd have had the pace, but Carroll would have been through, albeit 45 yards out.

37 mins - More encouraging play from the home side, who deal with an Evra cross and break. Jarvis crosses again following work from O'Neil and Diame. Vidic goes up and wins an important header above Carroll. The No8 retrieves and finds Demel wide on the right, but his cross is easily headed clear.

35 mins - Diame is struggling a bit here. Anyway, West Ham continue and Vaz Te collects in space. He tries an audacious effort from at least 30 yards which bounces across the face of goal and well wide.

34 mins - That's better. Nolan and O'Neil combine before Jarvis and Diame swap passes and the latter runs at Jones. He does a step-over before going inside Jones and shooting low into the side-netting at the near post.

33 mins - That's a half-chance for Van Persie to put the visitors in front. Jones pops up in space on the right and crosses. The Dutchman rises with Collins, but can only glance his header well wide of the far post.

31 mins - GOAL! The champions-elect level. Collins is dragged wide and cannot intercept the ball inside to Kagawa, who dances to the byline. His cut-back eludes three West Ham defenders and Valencia has the simple task of tapping in from about six yards.

30 mins - A third of the way through and West Ham just need to get their rhythm back. A few clearances have been a bit rushed and aimless. I'm nit-picking, though. It's been very organised, resilient and impressive overall.

28 mins - Stop it! Big Sam will be having kittens! Evra beats the offside trap but his pull-back is cut out by Demel, who finds Vaz Te. He drops a shoulder to beat his man well inside the West Ham penalty area before West Ham break to halfway and win a throw.

27 mins - Commentator's curse! Carroll flicks on Collins' ball and is caught offside.

26 mins - Interestingly, I read a story on one of the fan forums before the game where two Manchester United fans both said the West Ham player they'd most like is Matt Jarvis. Apparently he always used to play well against them for Wolves. He has done his bit tonight, too, so far.

23 mins - Just to update you tactically, Rooney is playing deeper in midfielder again, as he did at Stoke on Sunday. Van Persie is flanked by Valencia and Kagawa.

21 mins - That's certainly woken things up inside the Boleyn. Manchester United win a free-kick on halfway and take it quickly. Rooney collects about 30 yards out but drags his shot well wide. Ironic cheers.

19 mins - That was a really superb counter-attacking goal. A driving run from Diame, positive wingplay from Jarvis and a textbook cross, header down and finish. Has it made the Red Devils angry, though? Rafael overlaps and crosses. It's awkward for Jaaskelainen, but he does well to collect as the ball bounces in front of him.

17 mins - GOAL! VAZ TE! Great goal. A loose lay-off on the edge of the West Ham box falls to Diame. He turns and drives over halfway before finding Jarvis in space on the left. Vaz Te is in space on the left but he continues his run. Jarvis slows slightly and then speeds past Ferdinand before standing the cross up at the far post. Carroll heads down and Vaz is there to stoop and head past the defender on the line. Great stuff.

15 mins - O'Neil floats the corner to the near post where Collins wins the header, but it flashes a yard or two over the crossbar. West Ham have started well. Early days, though.

13 mins - Jaaskelainen clears, Carroll flicks on, Nolan holds up and finds O'Neil. He spreads play wide right for Demel with a great ball. Demel spins and wins a corner. Simple.

13 mins - Valencia tries to make a yard to get the cross in, but Jarvis is quick. He slides, blocks and the ball hits the Ecuadorean and goes behind for a goal kick. Cheers from the home fans.

10 mins - There is a strange murmur around the ground. It is broken as Van Persie gets in behind and tries to control the ball from the right. Collins tracks him and nicks the ball, but he cannot prevent the corner. Van Persie takes and Demel hacks clear. Jarvis collects from a superb header from Vaz Te and gets to halfway before trying an ambitious crossfield pass for Diame. He wins a throw off Kagawa deep inside the Manchester United half, but the throw is wasted.

7 mins - Vaz Te loses out to Evra and the Frenchman runs at Collins. The big No19 says 'No' and simply sticks his right boot out and takes the ball. Imperious stuff from the Welshman.

5 mins - So close for Carroll. Vaz Te gets forward and crosses. Vidic flicks the ball up into the air behind him. Nolan thunders in and wins the header. The ball drops to Carroll, who shows strength and touch to lose the attention of at least two defenders. He dribbles just outside the box, turns and sends a left-foot shot that curves about a yard wide of the right-hand post. Nolan is flagged offside, so it might not have stood anyway.

4 mins - First moments from the away side, who are first thwarted by Collins. Then, Van Persie gets in behind Demel and crosses. The ball is allowed to bounce before Reid clears awkwardly. Luckily, the ball goes to Diame and he is able to poke it wide for Vaz Te to smash into the opposition half.

3 mins - Nolan again, laying the ball off for Jarvis, whose shot is charged down. The ball is cleared as far as Valencia, but his ball up the line is charged down. It stays in and Nolan forces throw off Rafael. Good positive start. Unfortunately, O'Neil plays the ball inside for Demel and he is put under pressure and can only lift the ball into the arms of De Gea.

2 mins - West Ham play some neat football before the cross comes in again. Carroll makes some space before the ball is played back for Nolan. He spreads play right to Demel and Vaz Te wins another throw.

7.45pm - We're off! Collins pumps the ball forward and Vidic wins the header over Carroll. West Ham come forward again as the ball stays in  and Vaz Te wins a throw. From it, Demel crosses, but it's too strong for Carroll, who retrieves.

7.44pm - West Ham to get things underway through Diame and Jarvis, shooting towards the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand end.

7.40pm - Here come the two teams. West Ham are in claret and blue, with Manchester United in white shirts and black shorts. The weather is positively balmy here in east London and we're set fair for a fantastic game of football. The Hammers have been outstanding on home turf this term, most notably in beating Chelsea and holding champions Manchester City to a goalless draw. Who is going to make themselves a Hammers hero this evening? My money, if I was allowed to bet, would be on big Andy Carroll to score for the fourth home game in succession.

7.35pm - The two teams are back in their dressing rooms. It is lovely and warm here in east London tonight. For the first time since I don't know when, I've taken off the coat and am sporting the V-neck and tie combo. To my left, Phil Brown is looking far more suave in his suit as he commentates for BBC Radio 5 Live. Brown, who is now in charge at Southend United, was Big Sam's assistant at Bolton Wanderers, of course.

7.25pm - The FA Community Shield Fund has been distributed and West Ham United have received £2,000. Half of that is being presented to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK tonight by Joint-Chairman David Gold, with Moore's one-time team-mate and Hammers hero Brian Dear receiving the giant cheque on behalf of the charity.

6.55pm - Tonight's team news! One change for West Ham, with Winston Reid returning for calf injury victim James Tomkins. Hammer of the Year Mark Noble is also back and is named among the substitutes. Manchester United also make just the one change, with Rafael in for Javier Hernandez. A right-back for a forward, but more likely a re-shuffle from Sir Alex Ferguson. Phil Jones may play in midfield, with Wayne Rooney joining Robin van Persie up front.

West Ham United: Jaaskelainen, Demel, O'Brien, Collins, Reid, O'Neil, Diame, Nolan, Vaz Te, Jarvis, Carroll
Subs: C.Cole, Collison, Maiga, Henderson, Taylor, Noble, Pogatetz

Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Jones,  Carrick, Valencia, Kagawa, Rooney, Van Persie
Subs: Amos, Evans, Cleverley, Giggs, Nani, Welbeck, Hernandez

6.30pm - One of the big pundits here at tonight's game, former England striker and talkSPORT presenter Stan Collymore, reckons West Ham will sneak a 1-1 draw with the leaders this evening. I'd take that now, I don't know about you. Anyway, it is five-and-a-half years since West Ham last beat Manchester United in the Premier League. I can remember it like it was yesterday - sort of! Matthew Upson and Anton Ferdinand both rose highest in front of the Bobby Moore Stand to send towering headers past Tomasz Kuszczak. Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo sent his penalty wide of the post at the other end of the stadium.

6.20pm - Both squads have arrived at the Boleyn Ground ahead of tonight's game. The good news is that Winston Reid and Mark Noble arrived in their lovely Hammers tracksuits, but the bad news is that Manchester United have been led in by Sir Alex Ferguson and they look at nigh-on full-strength. Only Ashley Young, Paul Scholes and Darren Fletcher have not travelled down with the Red Devils squad. We'll know the confirmed line-ups in about 25 minutes. The teams will be published first on our official twitter page @whufc_official

Good evening and welcome to the Boleyn Ground for today's Barclays Premier League fixture between West Ham United and champions-elect Manchester United. The rain clouds have disappeared since the trip to Southampton on Saturday and we're set both both a fine spring evening and a feast of football.

The Hammers are hosting the Red Devils for the second time this season, having held the Barclays Premier League leaders to a thrilling 2-2 draw in the FA Cup with Budweiser third round on 5 January. Manchester United won the replay 1-0 at Old Trafford - the same scoreline by which they won the reverse league fixture in Manchester in November.

Both sides go into the game on a high following encouraging away performances at the weekend. West Ham drew 1-1 at Southampton on Saturday thanks to Andy Carroll's second-half equaliser, while Michael Carrick and a Robin van Persie penalty fired Manchester United to a 2-0 win at Stoke City on Sunday.

West Ham United start the night in 12th place, having collected 38 points from 32 matches, while Manchester United are 15 points clear at the top, having amassed 80 points from the same number of games.

West Ham last won a league game against the Red Devils on 29 December 2007 as a couple of goals in the last 13 minutes from Anton Ferdinand and Matthew Upson cancelled out Cristiano Ronaldo's early opener.

In terms of team news, Sam Allardyce welcomes back centre-back Winston Reid (thigh) and midfielder Mark Noble (arm) from injury, but centre-back James Tomkins is out after hurting his calf at Southampton on Saturday. Left-back George McCartney is out with a knee injury, while Joe Cole is not expected to recover from a hamstring problem in time to feature.

For Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson is expected to make changes from the side that won 2-0 at Stoke City on Sunday. England striker Wayne Rooney could revert to his usual position upfront after playing in midfield at Stoke City on Sunday, with Tom Cleverley coming into his place midfield. Shinji Kagawa could make way for Rooney.

The team news will be confirmed at 6.45pm, with the line-ups published first on the club's official twitter feed.