West Ham United statement

It is regretful that we have to issue this statement as a result of a further breach of confidentiality by a rival bidder.

West Ham United have strict obligations of confidentiality under agreements, relating to the Olympic Stadium concessionaire tender process, which we continue to respect. However, we are frustrated that we cannot counter some of the recent inaccuracies reported about our Bid in the media.

Our commitment to the Stadium and to finding a workable solution for a world-class multi-sports arena that serves a number of sports as well as its surrounding community remains unchanged. If we were fortunate enough to be announced as the anchor concessionaire to occupy the Olympic Stadium, we would take on this responsibility and huge financial commitment with pride and with our own money.

Our Bid is world-class, both in terms of delivering a legacy and a financial solution, and no-one else in the country or the rest of the world can match us in this respect. We are offering a package that brings huge commercial appeal to the Park, attracts 1.2m visitors a year, delivers customers both to the venue and the wider Park and produces over 700 jobs.

If selected, we look forward to being able to announce our multi-million pound commitment to the stadium when the decision is finalised, but in the meantime we continue to respect the process.