Help the Hammers win big!

West Ham United's fanpower stadium is filling up but make sure you grab your seat now to help the Hammers win £30,000.

All you have to do is visit the title sponsor's Facebook page by clicking here and grab your seat in the Fanpower Stadium application and start making noise about the Hammers on Facebook and Twitter.

The Virtual Stadium is made up of all 72 Football League clubs and each one has been given a target number of sign ups based on their average attendance. The first club in each division to hit this figure will win £10,000 from npower.

Running until 1 June 2012, the more 'mentions' and 'status updates' on Facebook about West Ham United, our first-team player surnames, manager's name, Boleyn Ground and 'the Hammers' as well as 'Check-Ins' to the Boleyn Ground you make the more chance West Ham have of winning the money.

West Ham United's golden figure is 29,563 so get on to now and get your friends and family to do the same!

The same applies to your Twitter accounts, with points given per mention, so help support the Hammers and make some noise!

If that wasn't enough, there is extra incentive as a fan from each of the winning clubs will be chosen at random from within the Fanpower Stadium to nominate how the money is spent from a list of five options already selected by the club.